What we do

Prosperident offers a specialized range of services to address your office protection and embezzlement concerns. Our expert team of U.S. and Canadian fraud examiners is able to handle a wide variety of dental practice environments including general dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery practices and dental support organizations. Whether you are looking for an investigation, a system to help you fraud-proof your office, litigation support services, or a speaker for your next event, we have what you need.

Office Protection

In the same way that a dental practice offers both restorative and preventative services, the team at Prosperident has designed a service that applies both our expertise and experience to work to help you avoid potential embezzlement issues.

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Diagnostic Examination

If you suspect embezzlement is occurring in your office, Prosperident will resolve your uncertainty which, regardless of the outcome, will make you sleep much better.

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Litigation Support

Whether you are an attorney engaged in a litigation matter involving a dental practice, or you are a dentist contemplating legal action, Prosperident’s fraud investigators and forensic accountants can assist with a wide variety of litigation matters

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