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Read About Danielle Powers, A Serial Embezzler Prosperident Took Out Of Circulation

Supervising Examiner Scott Clifford, CFE

Scott has investigated Danielle Powers, the woman whose picture is shown above twice and confirmed that she was embezzling from both practices.  Scott’s excellent fieldwork resulted in Ms. Powers being charged and convicted.  She was sentenced to serve nine years for her crimes.  Thanks, Scott, for keeping dentistry safe from embezzlers like Danielle!

This is part of the police report on the activities of Danielle Powers

Here is a video from a local TV station about Ms. Powers and her crimes

And this is the unhappy-looking Danielle, a serial embezzler who, in her most recent crime spree, victimized three dental practices in Las Vegas plus at least one unrelated business.

She is unhappy because she just got sentenced to a nine-year prison term as a result of Scott’s investigative work.

See Scott Clifford discuss this case

The best part of the Danielle Powers story...

And here is Danielle getting arrested, at her lawyer’s office.

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