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The same expertise that has made Prosperident pre-eminent in dealing with embezzlement issues is also available to dentists looking to address other problems.  Prosperident's affiliate, SOFIA LLC, brings data-driven financial expertise to your practice.

Are you not happy with the financial performance of your practice? Not sure where to turn?  We can help!

SOFIA's experts have decades of experience with practice finances and can help you get to the bottom of your issues and give you the tools and knowledge to keep your practice on the correct path.  Here are some of the things SOFIA can help with:

1.  Insurance Analysis. Am I in the right PPOs?  Should I go out-of-network with some of my PPOs?  Could I transition to a fee-for-service practice?

2. Accounts Receivable Dissection. Am I collecting what I should?  Where are the problems in my revenue cycle?  How do I fix them?

3. Overhead Analysis. Where is my money going?  Am I faced with overhead-driven decisions like buying practice real estate or bringing on an associate?

4.  Practice Assessment.  Not sure where to start?  We can help you quickly uncover the areas of your practice that are holding you back and help you map out action steps for improvement.


What does SOFIA stand for?

Strategic Operational Financial and Integrative Accounting

Amber Weber-Gonzales and Tony Ulbrandt


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