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Forensic Investigation For Dentists

Prosperident has been performing forensic investigation for dentists since 1989.

It is a horrible feeling when you believe that embezzlement is happening in your dental practice.  And because a self-guided investigation is something that you don’t do every day, this task can take huge amounts of time and mental energy.

Practice owners can achieve immediate relief by offloading this problem to Prosperident. Our experienced team will lift this burden from your shoulders, and provide an unmatched level of expertise.  Want to know more about our team? Click HERE.

Investigation Plan

We will walk with you through the next critical steps to confirm what is happening, ensure that legal employee termination, maximum recovery of stolen funds, and proper entry into the justice system take place. As part of our investigation, we help you understand the details of what happened and how the embezzlement occurred.

And most important, our forensic audits for dentists are stealthy, which means that no one but you needs to know we are on the job.

We will also make both verbal and written recommendations for you to put in place to minimize any further damage and lessen the likelihood of being victimized again in the future.

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Forensic Investigation For Dentists

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