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Some of the Frequently Asked Questions that people have for us

 Prosperident is a team of 25 talented motivated people who understand Dentistry really well and who exist for one purpose  -  to help protect dentists against Financial crime. One of the things that I take the most pride in is how we have people coming to us sometimes in a very bad place when they realize that the person they trusted the person that they've considered to be a friend isn't.  That's emotionally hard. We take these people by the hand we give them comfort, we give them knowledge, and ultimately we help them get to a much better place than they are when they call us. If you are one of those people feeling better starts with calling us, and I'd love to talk to you. We very proudly wear the title of dentistry's embezzlement experts.

What's interesting is many people think that at Prosperident the only thing we focus on is just finding embezzlement.  But we are very multifaceted. We offer Owner Proactive Strategies where we look at your business and your practice and look for any areas of weaknesses that may allow you to be compromised for embezzlement or other things to occur. The other thing that we offer is litigation services.  that doesn't always focus on exact money missing it also looks at practice cells or other areas that may need to be reviewed in dentistry. We can also come to you as a speaker if you're having an event. We can share our information about the financial integrity and safeguarding your practice and how embezzlement could occur. So we have great offerings in our company you don't just have to have missing money to give us a call.

Every team member that works at Prosperident has been immersed in the dental culture for pretty much their entire career.  We have some consultants that work with doctors individually, we have some non-practicing dentists that work with us, and we have people with accounting backgrounds. We all have that commonality of knowing exactly how a dental office is supposed to work.

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