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Our Hall of Shame profiles embezzlers and others who broke the rules

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NZ thief claims medical condition made her steal

Dental College of Georgia employee accused of $300K steal

Michigan's Jennifer Malone accused in $94k steal

Carla Fisher-Schmitt accused of $400k steal from NY practice

Arizona Orthodontist Dr. Andrew L. Kassman and spouse indicted for embezzlement

Indiana Mother and Daughter charged with $50K embezzlement

Kathy Lucarino of Pennsylvania charged with stealing $270k of supplies

Michigan's Heather Malone pleads guilty - did steal prescriptions for opiates from dental office -4 year sentence

Wisconsin's Sarah Kasprzak steals $52k from Heartland Dental

Allyson Steffensen of Squamish BC pleads guilty to stealing from 2 practices

Brigitte Cleroux of British Columbia impersonated nurse; also committed steal from BC dentist. 67 convictions

UK Dental manager cooked books to steal £285k

Illinois' Linda Miller receives probation for $35K steal

Prosperident busts Washington's Kimberly Klaudt in $130K theft

New Jersey's Suzanne Conover indicted for $109,000 steal

Ohio's Maryann Schafer pleads guilty - three year sentence

Prosperident helps another victim obtain justice -- Jennifer Leslie sentenced for defrauding Ontario dentist of $420,000

British Columbia's Christina Bornais pleads guilty to $147K steal

Angela Atherton-Nurczyk of Florida Accused of $50K steal

Hiring Alert - Anna Candee-Wright

Brianna Anderson of Bisbee Arizona sentenced to probation for $40K steal

Hiring Alert – Katherine McConnell – New Jersey

Dr. Clinton Herzog of Texas embezzled $2.1M from investors

Pennsylvania’s Kimberly Cook charged with steal of $20k from dental practice; has done it before

Angelina Mulholland of New Mexico charged with steal of $17k from Durango dentist

Debbie Rushton Committed Steal of $230,000 from Nova Scotia Orthodontist

Former New Hampshire Employee Leslie Brown Accused of Dental Office Embezzlement for steal of $60K

Canadians Embezzle Too -- Jean Hakim Accused of Steal of >$200k from Six Toronto Area Dentists

Former Massachusetts Selectwoman Ann Baldwin Pleads Guilty to Embezzling from a Dental Office -- Again.

Run, Arica, Run! Police Search for Office Manager Arica Cameron Accused of Steal of $630k from Dentist

Louisiana Dental Office Employee Katie Lykins Arrested for Steal of $99K

Angelica Rodriguez of NJ Convicted for Steal of $83K from Hackettstown Dentist

Yvette King of Oregon Ordered to Repay $955K -- fat chance victim will see the money

Police: Pennsylvania Dentist's Office Manager Leah Price Stole $27K -- Had Previous Record

Probation For Julie Dickson for $29K Steal from Ontario Dentist

Dania Shaar of Buffalo NY Withdraws Guilty Plea in Dental Office Steal - Realized She Was Going to Jail for 2 Years for Steal of $36K

Wyoming's Kristina Margaret Meuchel Sentenced in Embezzlement Case; Victim Frustrated With Slow Repayment for $40K steal

Truly Ann Dominowski Jailed for 120 days for Embezzlement From Michigan Dentist

North Carolina's Tammy Davis Gurley Sentenced for $300K Steal From Orthodontist

Indictment Charges Connie Gustafson of Illinois with Steal of $190K from Dental Practice

NY Bookkeeper Mary Ellen Schilling Pleads Guilty to Steal of $164k from Oral Surgery Practice; Repaid Money to Avoid Jail Term

Wisconsin's Joyce Sakach Charged with $680K Steal From Orthodontist

Manhattan dentist receptionist Annie Vuong stole patient info to buy $700K in Apple gift cards; sentenced to two years in prison

Oregon dental staffer Ranell Daringer faces charges for steal of $42K

Lodi California Dentist's Bookkeeper Sandra Salazar Malloy Pleads Guilty to Steal of $150K

Wisconsin's Veronica Eicher Sentenced for Steal of $166k from Dentist

$200K Restitution Sum and Jail Sentence for Vanessa Lentino of California Convicted of Steal from Local Dentist Upheld

How is this for Nerve? Accused Florida Embezzler Kathryn Evelon Swearingen Said Money Stolen $350,000 was Owed Her

Pay or Stay in Jail for Kathy Lyn Elenbaas who Embezzled $170K from Michigan Dental Office

Irina Fooks, Ontario Serial Embezzler, Back in Prison

Former employee Cynthia Rodriguez accused of steal of $85K from Florida dental office

NY Dental CFO Kevin J. Conroy Sentenced for Embezzling $432k From Practice -- has Previous Conviction for Embezzlement

Rosemary D'souza and Family Charged With Steal of $2 Million From Georgia Dentist

Vermont's Allison Schy Charged with Embezzling from Dentist. Possible steal of $68K

California Bookkeeper Jasmine Delafuente Pleads no Contest to Third Embezzlement Charge in Four Years for Steal of $65K

Alabama Dentist Office Employee Toni McMurphy Sentenced To Federal Prison For Steal of $45K

Wisconsin's Tishia Jaeck Convicted of Steal of $140k from Dental Office -- had Prior Embezzlement Conviction

Maine Orthodontist's Bookkeeper Celine Davis Gets 6 Months for Embezzling $120K

Benicia, CA dentist Dr. Scott Swoboda, victim of embezzlement by Patricia Jennings Gadson, hopes to help others avoid same fate

Sharon Keleher of Ontario Receives House Arrest in $45K Dental Office Fraud Case Fuelled by Gambling Addiction

Ontario's Kelly J. Smith Sentenced to 20 Month Prison Sentence for $38K steal; has Prior Conviction

Stole $40,000; Convicted Embezzler Barbara Lynn Adams Gets 60 Days in Idaho Jail

San Antonio Embezzler Misty Casanova Sentenced to 15 Years for Steal of $353k

California Dental Assistant Tiffany Lynae Lovell Sentenced 3 Years for Steal of $203,000

Michigan Office Manager Vicki Zachary Convicted of Embezzlement, Drug Charges

Texas Woman Martha Ann Soto Charged With $20K Steal From Marble Falls Dentist

Louisiana Office Manager Juana Peters Arrested for Steal of Identities of 1000s of Patients

Lisa Reed Gets Year in Jail; Must Repay $160K She Embezzled From Michigan Dentist

Roswell GA Office Manager Emily Trimble accused of steal of >$100K

Linda Gregg, former manager of South Carolina dental office gets 6 years in prison for steal of hundreds of thousands of dollars

California Dental Office Manager Amanda Boling Guilty of Steal of 130K - facing 3 years

Ada, OK Dentist: Ex-office Manager Robin Logan Accused of Steal of $200K

California Office Manager Deborah Kessler Guilty of Steal of More Than $100,000 -- Sentenced to Two Years in Jail

It Happens in England Too -- Dental Practice Manager Rachael Carvell Committed Steal of £80,000 From Her Employers to Prop Up Her Failing Bar Business

California Dental Office Manager Veronica Rivas Gets 45-day Jail Term for Insurance Fraud

Michigan's Stephanie Cieslinski Sentenced to 3 Years for Embezzling Nearly $1 Million From Midland Dentist

Massachusetts Office Manager Lisa Giroux Charged with Steal of $55,370 From East Longmeadow Dentist

Pennsylvania office manager Jill E. D'Angelo sentenced to 41 months for fraud -- Steal of $475k

Sandra Mansker of Wisconsin Accused Of Steal of $40,000

Victoria Wafford sentenced to 8 years in prison for steal of $1.6 million from California dental office

One of the Biggest Ever -- Lori Doughty's Guilty Plea in $1.9 Million Steal from Washington Dentists

Ex-employee Mary Frank gets prison for steal of $300,000 from Utica NY dentist

Stiff sentence in Florida - Cassandra Jean Lorenzi gets 20 years for embezzling

Teresa Rae Larson from Minnesota sentenced for steal of almost $500,000 from dental office

Arlene Marchese and Karen Wright, former employees of New Jersey dental office plead guilty to steal of $200,000

Former office manager Sandra Wallace gets one year sentence for 64K steal from Maine orthodontic office

California dental receptionist Holly Ann Keate sentenced for steal of $47K

Embezzlement takes many different forms -- Office manager Valbona Yzeiraj at Bronx practice performed unlicensed dentistry. Also tried to steal $20k from payroll.

Michelle Lynne Allen of Iowa convicted for steal of $173,000

California's Kim Herman Did Steal $365k from Santa Barbara Employer -- 5 Year Prison Sentence

South Florida Check Fraud Victim of Embezzler Elizabeth Deleon Suing Wells Fargo Claims Bank Has No System to Track Who Cashes Checks

Linda Chun of Honolulu HI been sentenced to 30 months in prison and ordered to pay nearly $197,000 in restitution for steal from employer

Washington dental office manager Michaelee Roehrs gets 7-year prison term for steal of $560,000

Illinois CPA Gayla Cook sentenced for steal of almost $200,000 from Aurora office

Shontay Joyner Hickman's life sentence reduced to 40 years in killing of Maryland dentist

Sherry Eckel of NM Pleads Guilty to Steal of more than $300k from Oral Surgeon; Gets Probation

Former VCU dental professor James Hardigan convicted of embezzling more than $100,000 -- no jail time

Michigan dental bookkeeper Wendi Torres gets jail for stealing $50-100,000

Olivia Rutty - Embezzlement in England -- Prison for practice manager for steal of £30,000

California's Richard Scott Bloustine racks up $80,000 bill at dentist's office and commits steal by paying with bad check

Washington dental office manager Nicole Allenton faces jail for falsifying prescriptions...and has done it before

Bothell, WA dental office manager Josie Morey convicted of steal from practice including cash, insurance thefts; 9 months of house arrest

Connecticut Dental Practice Employee Barbara O'Hara Leone Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison For Steal of >$100k

New Jersey's Sabra Aschenbrenner gets probation for steal of $75K from employer

Connie Jo Jensen of Montana pleads guilty to steal of $200K

Washington's Terri Kakalecik allegedly committed steal of up to $95,000 from employer

Carrie Clark arrested for embezzlement in Texas

Florida dental assistant Schenique Mitchell accused of steal of credit info; held on $9K bond

Long-time Michigan office manager Rhonda Wilson convicted for $180K steal from orthodontic office

Greater Milwaukee Dental Association Executive Director Nanci Dabareiner convicted of steal of $200k

Julie Lake admits to steal of $250,000 from Correll Dental in Spokane

Wisconsin's Mary E Wilson gets Prison for Steal of $350K: Dental Clinic Employee Took Trips, Gambled

Idaho's Tamra Raymond -- Grand Theft

Nova Scotia's Leza George jailed for 25 months on dozens of fraud charges

Joanna Ridley and Matthew Ridley, Two Alberta Dental Clinic Employees Charged With $80K Steal

Repeat offender -- Bookkeeper Deborah Ervin Accused of Steal of $50,000 from Long Island Dentist

West Virginia dental receptionist LaDonna Johnson accused of steal of $250K

Nebraska receptionist Loretta Jean McClure suspected of steal of $11k from dentist

Nadine Marcias and two Others Charged in Plot to Steal $309K from California Dentist and launder at Bingo Hall

Nebraska's Connie Harpold receives 30 days in jail and three years of probation

Four years in prison, restitution agreed upon in Connie Meredith Saunders, Virginia dental assistant embezzlement case for steal of $20,000 to $120,000

Charlotte Allen-Dinsdale of Vancouver, WA gets 3 days for steal from nonprofit

West Virginia Receptionist Cynthia Hartley Charged With Embezzlement; faces 10 year sentence for steal

Back Door Embezzlement -- Oklahoma City's mother and daughter Monica Salazar-Orozco and Elizabeth Hinojosa accused of practicing dentistry without licenses case turn themselves in 

Virginia's Jeannie Braithwaite Admits to Stealing More Than $130,000 from Employer

Nebraska's Bonnie Kleewein sentenced to 180 days in jail and five years of probation for steal of $120K

New Zealand embezzlement -- Jury finds dental receptionist Annette Myra Higgins guilty of stealing from boss 

Dorothy Lynn Guerrero, Charged With Steal From Illinois Dentist Pleads Not Guilty - also had cocaine in her possession. $50K bond.

Claire Batsell, Former Employee of Texas Dentist Sentenced to 69 Months in Prison For aggravated Identity Steal

Illinois dental office employee Kelly Lee Distasio arraigned for steal from 2 co-workers' purses

Not happy with your salary?  No problem -- do dentistry after-hours like Cheryl Laing and Jessica Gullickson

Texas receptionist Angela Lee Collum stole patient identities to buy Vicodin; stole 19 identities

California's Kristina Marie Corral arrested for embezzling from dentist

Ontario dental embezzler Irina Fooks convicted of other fraud using 60 stolen identities

Cops accuse manager Polixeni Kouvaras of steal of $10K from Pennsylvania dentist

When Dentists Behave Badly -- Murdered North Carolina dentist Dr. James David Boyd, 47, involved in sex for drugs trade.

Vermont office worker Valerie Mason receives six months sentence in $120k embezzlement

Melissa Kate Arndt gets probation for steal of $36k from Minnesota dental practice

An oldie but a goodie -- British Columbia's ELIA KRATKY embezzles $436k from three dental offices; receives conditional sentence

Dana Thompson, Walla Walla educator, bookkeeper, 7th Day Adventist, embezzles $823k, sentenced to 18 months in prison

Virginia dentist's friend David Kagey sentenced to three years for steal of $422k

Michigan's Marilyn Elaine Mullins ordered to repay $60k she stole; paying $800 per month

Paige Maples first tries Embezzlement, then Impersonates Dentist. Only Part of Crime Wave Affecting Tulsa Office

Adultery, murder and embezzlement for Tulsa OK dentist Dr. Bert Franklin. But it's only the beginning...

Minnesota's Cynthia Schmitz serves sentence on weekends for steal of $200K

Convicted Nova Scotia thief Debbie Rushton asks judge for longer jail term to address gambling addiction

Charged with numerous embezzlement offenses in Pennsylvania, Michael Grover Cowan sentenced to two to seven years in jail for steal of $100K

Embezzlement ran in the Oregon family of Cassandra Sam - steal of $20K

Bobbi Current and Kelli Flynn accused of steal of $800k from Washington dentist

Sandra Lynn Hill of Jacksonville FL accused of steal of $16K from dentist

Virginia's Elizabeth Shaver guilty in Steal of $8K

Kentucky's Elsie Lamb Steal of $15K From Dentist; Illegally Obtained Drugs

Summer Salm of Ohio embezzled $26,500 from dentist; sentenced to 15 months in prison

NY's Cheryl Higgins accused of steal of $500k from dentist; charges subsequently dropped

Washington's Patricia Hart charged with steal of more than $300k

Jada Atkinson and April Winch Arrested For $100K Steal At North Carolina Dental Office

Plea agreement reached in Colorado dental office embezzlement; Jessica Hernandez received 90-day sentence. Had previous record. Now teaching children

Bookkeeper Penny Lussier accused of $60K steal from Vermont dentist

Casey J. Tinnel's alleged embezzlement drills hole in Indiana dentist's account

Christina Moore Commited Steal of $13K From Washington Dentist's Office

Pennsylvania's Lois Lombardo charged with steal of $140K from dental practice

Michael Doughty, Husband of Washington bookkeeper accused of laundering in $1.9M Steal

Dentists behaving badly: California Dentist Dr. Edward Bodek and spouse steal patient credit card information -- rack up $260k in charges

Donna Campbell of Michigan's gambling addiction results in $88k embezzlement and six-month jail sentence

Louisiana's Kelly Muller Admitted Steal of $189,000 from Oral Surgeon's Office - Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison

Oregon Bookkeeper Jodi Lynne Setzer bags nearly $500K, builds swimming pool. Sentenced to three years.

Tammy Murphy Chancey of Enterprise, AL charged with steal of $100,000 from ex-husband's dental practice

Patricia Conley, Former Receptionist her Husband, and Two Banks in South Carolina sued for steal of $100K

Malentha Robinson-Taylor of South Carolina and SEVEN other Conspirators Sentenced for Steal of 368K

Illinois Bookkeeper Patricia Gaffney gets five years for steal of $127,000

An Australian Embezzlement: Agnes Pashen jailed for $200k steal from dentist to feed gambling habit

From the UK -- Evelyn Gore-Strachan got her start embezzling from a dentist and moved on to steal almost £2 MILLION

Dental office receptionist Donna Macli among those indicted in 2007 Wall St. Stock Loan Probe

Troubled Florida oral surgeon Dr. John Rowe pleaded guilty to embezzling from practice where he worked; sentenced to 3.5 years in prison

Saskatchewan dental assistant Tanis Martens submits false insurance claims, steal of gold from practice; must reimburse $24,733

Don't see this one every day ... Missouri receptionist Shirley Scheets convicted of steal from her father's practice -- sentenced to 18 months in prison

Connecticut manager Donna Rizzo embezzles $200k, receives three years in prison

Melissa Kay Grawey of Petoskey MI sent to jail for 11 months for embezzlement

2 N.J. women Carla Sousa and Raquel Silva charged in alleged dental steal

Former Valencia County NM dental practice employees Pamela Suniga and Barbara Hussey charged with trafficking prescription painkillers, steal of $17K

Montana's Dorothea Knudson pleads guilty to steal of more than $250,000, sentenced to 5 years

Robbie Forrest Strawbridge of Wake Forest NC jailed in dental office steal

Embezzlement lands Missouri's Carol Strope in prison for steal of $193K

Antioch CA's Sunny Gresham arrested for steal of $100K -- stole before, but previous dentist didn't take action

Margaret Serna arrested in $20,000 embezzlement from California dental office for steal of $20K

Vernon CT's Alicia Parzych accused of steal from dentist; admits to stealing $50k, actually took $240k

Donna Brining of Harpers Ferry, W.Va. charged with steal of $22K

Angela Hurst of New Holland PA admitted steal of $3,000 from dental practice

Elizabeth Ann Eisert convicted for steal of $450k from Oregon dentist; sentenced to 60 months

Jill Beaghley convicted for steal of more than $48K from Pennsylvania dentist

Savannah Waters arrested on charges that she committed $46k steal from a Florida dental office

Con man Zed Turner poses as accountant, steals $375k from FL dental office

Former teen tennis star Olivia Dubovikov accused of steal of Rx pads from NY dental office where she worked...again -- 600 pills

Dentists behaving badly -- California dentist Leopold Weinstein pleads guilty to 3 counts of arson for torching competitors practices

Dental Embezzlement in England by Shabnum Rahman - Steal of £17,000

Iowa's Kiki Sue Jutting gets suspended sentence and probation for steal of $80K

Convicted of 15 fraud charges against three California dentists, Sumaria Love gets four reduced to misdemeanors and one thrown out on appeal

Florida dentist Robert Thousand Jr. victim of $399k steal from retirement accounts

Massachusetts receptionist Cindy Deleon charged with steal of $10k

DC DSO owner Nancy Ebrahimi charged with steal of identities, including those of dentists who worked for her - faces 20 years in prison

Employee Kyle Hughes committed break-in and drug theft from a Michigan dental office. Facing 5 year jail term

Washington dental employees Kendel Sonsalla and Robin Loewen charged with steal of $17K using false insurance claims

Virginia embezzler Rosalind Deborah Wright goes undetected for ten years; Steal of $350k

Virginia office manager Jennifer Tomlin arrested for steal of $20k -- has done it before

Florida dental office worker Randy Verdino charged with grand theft, Steal >$5K

Emily Marie Forbes, California woman sentenced to prison for steal from dental patients at five different dental offices of $72,000

Bambi Lynn Johnson of Michigan sentenced to 8 months in jail for steal of $80K

Former UBC Dentistry faculty member Dr. Christopher Zed Stole $5.1M funds for personal gain, university says

Connecticut dental hygienist Christine Zampedri facing larceny and fraud charges for $18k steal

Maine office manager Michelle Ludden charged with steal of more than $100k

Politician Linda Schrenko sentenced for launding $600k federal education funds diverted to campaign through daughter's dental office

Where do embezzlers go next? Texas embezzler Michele Williams was later convicted of murder.

Sharon Troff charged with embezzlement from a Nebraska dental office and, in an unrelated matter, with child endangerment in an Iowa daycare she owned. Steal of 200 checks.

Kennewick, Washington police accuse Nicole Polus and Chareise Raugust of 167 forged prescriptions

Embezzlers Connie Ackerson and Alberta Paylor Target Tennessee Dental School in $130K Steal

Trisha Moon embezzled from Arizona Community College Dental Clinic; Steal of $1,800

Arizona Dental Office Manager Kathy Salazar Given Prison Term for Steal of $88K From Insurance

MUSC College of Dental Medicine employees Michael Latrace and Margaret Elaine O’Brien accused of $28K steal from payroll

Kansas dentist disciplined; accuses associate Dr. James Murphy of embezzlement

Missouri's Sandra Brandes Sentenced to 15 months for Bank Fraud; forfeits airplane to dentist she worked for - steal of $77k

Alaska dental assistant Donya R. Owens pleads guilty to prescription scam - sentenced to 1 year

Texas orthodontist, convicted of health care fraud, claims attorney Clark Holesinger embezzled from him. Attorney WAS convicted of embezzling from clients

Paula Carver of Albuquerque Charged With Embezzlement from Orthodontist

Nova Scotia's Teresa Cox-Kubas sentenced to 12 months in prison for steal of $103k

Oklahoma dental assistant Marina Lewis arrested for steal from practice -6 other convictions.

Kennith Bell declares bankruptcy to avoid repayment for steal of $1.2 million from orthodontic practice. Judge rules amount still payable.

Jo Ginia Moniz of Wheatland CA sentenced for steal of $126k from orthodontist

Why you need good investigators -- Tammy Lynn Leonard of Houma, LA cleared of steal of $50K allegations due to spoilation of evidence

Monmouth Prosecutor Accuses Receptionist Gina Lena of Steal of $25,000 from NJ Orthodontist

Thomas Christie, Connecticut orthodontist claims Orthodontic Centers of America DSO committed steal of >$100K+ from him

NJ office manager Barbara Reinhard convicted for steal of $215k from OMS practice, gets five days in jail

California's Julie Diane Klein steals $11K from Boy scout troop; embezzles from dentist husband to repay. Sentenced to one day in jail

Australian embezzlement -- police seized embezzler Sommer Price's BMW for Steal of $50K

Daniette Paulissen of Australia admits steal of $320,000 from dentist

NY's Sheila Shattuck pleads guilty to steal of $4K

Georgia clerk Stacey Renee Kicklighter accused of steal of $8k from dentist

Ohio mother and daughter Alberta Faye Clark, and Tammie L. Creamer sentenced for steal of $200k from dentist

Minnesota's Kristine Marie Hansen gets away with $50k steal over five years

Ginger Maxwell of Louisiana charged with $19k theft

Arizona's Delisha Kitts arrested for embezzlement

Kelli Lynn Silor, first you steal 31K from a dentist, then 75K from car dealership

Hygienist Denise M. Lawrence wrote her own prescriptions - 35 times

Alabama's Ami Batchelor arrested for steal of $16k from dentist

Texas's Jessica Rose Williamson sentenced to 11 years for steal of $38K

Virginia's Mimi Diaz Torres has three embezzlement charges dropped; charged with a fourth in a different jurisdiction

Kathleen Cassettari steals $50k from British Columbia dentist, no jail time.

Pamela Sue Harris of Iowa embezzled from 2005 to 2014 -- sentenced to 41 months in prison, ordered to pay $491k in restitution

Pennsylvania dental office employee Elizabeth Weber charged with steal of medications. $10K bail set

Marcie Ramirez of Pasco, WA admitted to $8k steal

Colorado's Lisa Morales Campbell pleads guilty to steal; avoids jail time. Pays $25k restitution

Yakima WA employee Moises Licea-Velasquez accused of steal of nearly $50k from non-profit dental clinic

UK Embezzlement -- Dental manager Diana Collins convicted of steal of £9000

Brenda Hobson of Texas who stole from periodontist could get probation instead of 10 years in prison

Frank Clavelli, NJ Dental supply company president convicted, stole $1M in dental supplies

Pomona NY's Michael Kavanagh Accused of Steal of $5,000 From Employer

SC embezzler David A Smith sentenced to two years for $78k steal

TN employee Tina Day indicted for embezzlement

Alleged steal of $36K by Dale Bradford Harding causes financial cavity for Atascocita TX dentist

PA dental office manager Sharon Swartz charged in $13K theft

Jared D. Sloan of Idaho convicted of embezzling from two dental offices - $35K total steal

Florida's Elizabeth DeLeon convicted of $500k steal from dentist

Colorado's Robin McKenzie makes bail after being accused of steal of $30k from non-profit dental clinic

Embezzlement at Idaho State University's dental education program by Dianne Gilbert.

Colorado's Beverly Jean Kostur 7k embezzlement

Tina Marie Sawicki's Restitution to cancel jail in Michigan Embezzlement Case

Michigan office manager Terese Valko accused of embezzling $50K

Kelli Kapps accused of Nebraska steal of $7K

Ronald Jordan of NS jailed for $90K steal from wife's practice

Ontario dentist Dr. Peter Sbaraglia settles with regulator on $21M ponzi scheme to steal

Washington's Debra Remmers Must Repay Dentist for Steal of $101,798

Minnesota dental assistant Laurie Jones sentenced for steal of $35k from youth hockey association; receives reprimand from state board

St. Louis dental receptionist Nicole Miller charged with stealing, drug offense

Tampa office manager Dawn Marie Paciella convicted of grand larceny in stealing from endodontic office

Pennsylvania office manager Kim Yvette Menne arrested for steal of $90,000

Long Island serial embezzler Deborah Ervin

Hackers steal $205k from Missouri practice

Joselyn Gomez of Massachusetts, convicted of steal from dentist, has conviction partially overturned on appeal

Arizona consultant Brad Bowsher accused of scamming dentists

Maryland office manager Michelle Rampersad convicted of wire fraud for $407k

Connecticut woman Pamela Sundura charged for steal of $8k from non-profit dental clinic

Florida dental office manager Kerri Spagnuolo arrested for grand theft -- steal of between $10K and $20K

Essex County NJ Dental Office Manager Cindy Crissien Pleads Guilty to Steal of $37,000 in Insurance Claim Checks

NYC office manager Indera Jadoo arrested for embezzling $64k

Illinois office manager Denise Sullivan sentenced to 15 months for steal of $250k

Florida office manager Marissa Minor admits steal of $20k from dentist-- has previous record

Georgia office manager Peter Ngunyi accused of steal of $60k

Beaumont, CA's Yvonne Mendoza alleged to have committed steal of more than $100k

Springfield, MA dental employee Candice Fazio allegedly obtained narcotics >3 times by making steal of false prescriptions

Lufkin TX dental employee Heather Terry pleads guilty to 3 counts of prescription fraud; also stole office's gold with co-worker

Kentucky's Sandra Baker sentenced to 18 months for steal of $250K

Ohio Oral Surgery Employee Karen Seguin Charged with 8 counts for Steal of Fentanyl from Office

Indiana dental employee Barbara McAlister, gets probation must pay restitution for steal of $142K

Kristy Maczko of Illinois convicted for burglarizing dental office she was previously fired from

Santa Clara CA dental worker Jessica Campos commits steal of patient info in $170K theft, lands in prison

Wisconsin dental office worker Beth Borsheim fired for steal of $12K

Alaska's Bridget Mincheski ordered to pay $67,000 in restitution for office steal

Robin Fiedler of Sandwich IL pleads guilty to steal of $12k from dental office

MN woman Kathy Ann Hanson pleads guilty to steal from Maplewood dental office; repays $60k from retirement funds

CA Dental Office Assistant Frances Aguirre Serving 120 Days In Jail For Workers' Compensation Steal

Kristine Taufer of Provo, UT broke the law while her police officer husband upheld it

Arkansas' Sonja Cunningham sentenced to 33 months for $90k embezzlement

Upstate NY dental employee Annette Lehoisky facing grand larceny charge after steal of credit card number. $5k bail set

Kara Wilson and Shawn Chapin, former offic cleaners, accused of steal of $74 cash and drugs from dentist.

CT's Bonnie Piro stole cash payments and gold, altered her severance check

NYC dental assistant Amanda Henderson arrested for steal of patient's purse spend $700 on credit card

Upstate NY dental office manager Nicole Bolduc charged with steal of $8k from DSO

NC Dental receptionist Anita Reed faces embezzlement, drug charges for steal of $3,400

Staten Island NY's Alyssa Decicco completed steal of $5K of checks from dentist's office, then cashed them with her boyfriend, police allege

NBDE exam questions stolen by 3 dental students - a really bad way to start your dental career

Debbie Kim Gagne from Alberta admits steal of nearly $300k from employer

15 month Prison term for Pennsylvania oral surgeon Dr. Donald Dinello Jr. in theft, prescription fraud case

Lauren Brantley Yates of NC accused of embezzling $30k of dentist's money

UCLA Dental School employee Joseph Castano accused of $50K steal

Is your CPA protecting you from embezzlement? Embezzled dentist sues CPA firm, alleging accounting malpractice. Not successful yet.

Dentist vs. Dentist -- Dr. Nicole LeCann successfully sues partner Dr. Sharon Cobham for steal from practice. Awarded $2.34 million in damages

Expensive Extraction As Pennsylvania Dentist Office Employee Levi Weaver Is Charged With Stealing - held on $50k bail

N.J. dental office manager Magdy Rafla pleads guilty to $45K health care claims steal

A veterinary example -- PA office manager Trisha Lynn McLaughlin accused of steal of $355k from animal hospital

Dentist's wife embezzles from husband; employee dishonesty insurance will not cover steal of $325K because she wasn't an employee

Jamal Hyde, dental office employee, fueled $500,000 credit card fraud by information theft

University of Louisville Professor Michael H. Martin found dead after being questioned by police about missing funds

Embezzled dentist Dr. Keith Brown obtains settlement from bank that cashed stolen checks in $50K lawsuit

Colorado's Christine A. Cooper accused of >$20K steal from dentist

Embezzlement isn't always about stealing money -Patti Cantor, hygienist for 20 years, sued for information theft

Drs. Linda Massod and Terry Fayad practice together, both claim to have been embezzled by the other

Baltimore Dental Office Manager Randii Lei Adams Sentenced for $5K insurance steal

Drugs, Burglary, and Embezzlement in California for Fonda Rae Underwood

Rochelle Lee Pridgen has records in both Florida and Georgia

Michigan dental clerk Stephanie Wilkinson sentenced to 1 year in prison

Ok -- this is a bit ugly -- Ex-Hospital COO and former State Dental Board President Edward Hills Convicted In Dental Program Bribery Scheme

Virginia's Jennifer Tomlin Charged for Embezzling >$20K from Employers

Alabama's Susan Warmack Davis Arrested for Steal of $54k From Orthodontist

Nova Scotia's Judy Carter convicted of steal of >$100K from periodontic practice

New Jersey's Jackie Singer Convicted for Steal of $85k

Missouri drug ring including dental employee Anne Marie Coke busted by police - released on $50k bond

Indiana Dental Office Employee Jessica Andre Accused Of Forging Prescriptions

Former employee at Connecticut dental practice Jessica Cash called in fraudulent prescriptions - $5k bail

Virginia dental worker Donna Talley guilty of fraudulently distributing 100,000+ hydrocodone pills

Kristie Dunn Johnson's steal from Blacksburg VA dentist brings 10 years of probation

PA Dental Assistant Gina Stahlnecker Charged With Steal of Checks for $2K and Gold From Practice

So you book Felicia Bush as a speaker for your conference on children's justice; then you find out she did a $150k steal from her dentist

FL Dentist Dr. Joseph Gorfien steals partner's prescription pads to get oxycodone

Shannon Bragdon of Portland, ME pleads guilty to stealing blank prescriptions to get oxycodone; faces $250k fine

Lawsuit alleges Rebecca Schwartz, wife of slain Tarpon Springs FL doctor conspired to kill him; also suspected of embezzling from him

New Bern, NC's Kristin Hauber Charged with Steal of $7K from Oral Surgery Practice

Cold Case Cracked -- 1986 California Murder / Embezzlement commited by Steven White solved by retired detective

NV's Jill Jeter found guilty in embezzlement - faces $50k fine

Debra Valentino convicted for steal from dental office and $6K unemployment fraud

A UK Embezzlement -- dental nurse Jenna McKee embezzled for three years for steal of £19K

From justanswer.com -- I was caught today having forged a prescription from a dentist's pad

FL dentist's daughter Stacey Sumner arrested for forging 500+ pain pill prescriptions through steal of father's prescription pad

From Reddit.com -- how people forge opiate prescriptions

Misty Michelle Tullos of Texas who forged 163 prescriptions sentenced to 5 years' probation

Pennsylvania's Stacey Marie Franczek charged with steal of $4K

PA dentist sues former employee Teresa Young and her husband for embezzlement -- alleges $1 million steal

From 2002 -- Florida office manager Denise Wilson accused of steal of $123K

Billy Benavidez of Royse City, TX sentenced to 10 years in prison for steal of $100,000 from Rockwall dental clinic

Think you are getting a great deal when you buy "gray market" dental equipment online? Think again. Miguel Pizano was selling stolen equipment

TX Employee Chrissie Socorro Trejo convicted for steal of $63,000 from Austin periodontal practice

AZ woman Karen Schrank sentenced for $35K steal from dentist AND $1K from local football league

Saginaw MI's Debry Davis unsuccessfully appeals embezzlement conviction and 6 year sentence

VA dental worker Georgia Brazier gets four years for steal of $225K

Pullman WA's Debora Jo Ailor sentenced for embezzling $437,000

VA embezzler Margaret Lawson Martin sentenced to 31 years for steal of $60K; all but two years suspended

CT dentist Dr. Jay Mestel gets prison term for embezzling $340K from practice

West Virginia's Kecia Lynn Southerly charged with steal of > $100k

TN Dental office worker Kimberly Reed sentenced to 10 years for steal of $60K

Ex-VA dentist Randall Toothaker gets two years of probation for steal of gold, equipment from clinic in Nebraska

Don't you think it would be missed? Dubai office employee employee "JM"admits to steal of $15k laser from office

Dr. Roben Brookhim of NJ Received A $1.1 Million Fine for Assuming the Identity of a Dead Colleague to Steal from Medicaid

Ontario's Siobhan McLaughlin charged with felony embezzlement for steal >$5K

The company that you keep...Sadie Hight

Embezzlement in Scotland --  Stuart Anderson Steals £35,000 to Spend on Wedding

Connecticut's Izabela Murray accused by fellow employees of steal of 10 vials of fentanyl from dental office

Virginia's Wanda Kaye Turner has embezzlement conviction overturned on appeal

Police say ex-employee Jeffrey Milam stole safe with $8K gold from dental office in Wyomissing, PA

Former Niagara Falls NY dental office manager Louis Carr spared prison for forging 75 prescriptions

Laurel KY dental employees Ashley Coffey and Katrina Dixon charged with writing fake prescriptions to steal Hydrocodone

VA receptionist Rebecca Hundley charged in prescription scam -forged 3 scripts

Receptionist Melinda Miller among 15 charged in Northampton County PA illegal prescription/heroin ring

Acquitted of murder charges, Kingston NY dentist Gilberto Nunez goes to prison for perjury, insurance fraud

Fla. Dental Assistant Carmen Burgado Charged with Insurance Fraud for $17K steal from Worker's Compensation

San Jose CA dental employee Rochelle Banting convicted of $40K steal

Connecticut bookkeeper Bernice Dohn commits steal for $60k; had 2014 conviction for embezzlement

UPDATE -- Karen Valach plea bargain overturned by judge for Rutland, VT steal of $102K

Patient Arrested in Dental Chair for Attempted Identity Theft

NYU dental school workers Joel Scott and James Giscombe Jr. busted in identity-theft operation for steal >$100K

New Haven's Harold Lee Abrams arrested for stealing $80,000 from dentist office

Upstate NY's Carmen Alvarado-Green charged with stealing money from patients

Custodian Kari Anne Edwards charged with 2 counts of steal of drugs from Mankato MN oral surgery practice

Paris TX Dental Office Employee Marilyn Armstrong Indicted for Steal of $150,000

Former Augusta University provost Roman Cibirka pleads guilty to theft; pays $25,000 fine

FL's Julia Merced accused of stealing identity of dental hygienist, treating patients at dentist's office

Ballantyne NC dentist Dr. Steven Ghim charged with steal from partner, ordered to repay $864K

Tina Bartlam Sentenced for Steal of $750K in Major Australian Embezzlement

Dental Assistant Omar Anwar Commits Scam - Submits Fake Transcript From Dental School in Attempt to Write National Dental Board Exam

UK Practice Manager Lynn Macdonald Accused of Embezzling When Dentist Was Ill; Steal of £12,500

Lowell, MA's Omayra Rosario Accused of Steal of $28K

Solved! Dentist murdered by wife Roslyn Pilmar, insurance repaid embezzled dentist 21 years ago

WA dental hygienist Shari Lee Kristiansen charged with cleaning up in $81k workers' comp steal

NC dental assistant Marla Rebecca Bright charged with 14 counts of forging prescriptions

NJ dentist sues former colleague Dr. Catherine Chen over allegedly fake online reviews. Awarded damages of $500.

Idaho hygienist Cherie Dillon sentenced to 5 years in prison for health care fraud

Australia's Tina Maree Bartlem jailed for seven years after steal of almost $1 million from boss

Retired NJ Dentist: ‘Michael Eshghipour continued to use my prescription and my license number’

Australian bookkeeper Jason Andrew McWilliam charged with 'substantial' steal >$200K

Tennessee's David R. Greenlee moves from managing wife's dental practice to major investment scam defrauding 150 investors

California's Platinum Dental office - Check Fraud Investigation - >$4K Steal

Los Angeles -- Ex-dental office manager Claudia Ventura sentenced to 180 days for steal from insurance companies

Tennessee bookkeeper Aleea Nash accused of steal of $250k from dental practice

Kaya Washington and Beverly Henry of Chicago indicted on $2K identity theft charges after steal during dentist visit

Florida dental clinic employee Lucina Rodriguez arrested for steal of $180K authorities say

One of our "Alumnae," Elizabeth Armstrong, sentenced

Stamford CT Dental Office Manager Elena Ilizarov Sentenced to Prison for Defrauding Insurance Companies of $1.2 million

Jonathan Charles Knapp and Justin Lee Goins prove why you probably shouldn't store your practice's records in a storage locker - indicted for 33 counts of identity theft for steal of dental office records

“It got out of hand,” said PA Dental Office Manager Roslyn Noll Convicted for Steal of $47,000

Unique Marie Wells Hiring Alert -- Nevada and Arizona. Last prison sentence 12 months

Indiana's Amy J. Woodall charged with steal from employer. Released on $7,500 bond

Long Island NY's Erika Lucassi arrested for $300K Steal from Dentist.

Maryland's Kristi Heffington indicted for 17 offenses; plead guilty to three. Unsuccessfully sues doctor.

Former embezzler Virginia Larzelere convicted of murdering dentist husband in 1981

Washington's Katherine Hargarten Pleads Guilty to Steal of $17K by Filing $17K False Insurance Claims

Dr. Armen Shaant Megerdichian Accused of Arson to Collect Insurance Proceeds. Charged with 13 Felony Counts for Steal from Insurance Company

Texas Bookkeeper Francisco Hernandez-Limon Accused of Steal of more than $300,000 From Dentist

"The Dentist Made Me Do It" -- NY lawyer Edward R. Thiel blames $63k steal on son's dental bills

Texas and Nevada Serial Embezzler Nancy Pruett for steals > $150K

Maine's Carrie Caporino receives 2-year sentence for steal of more than $500,000 from dentist and physician

Repeat offender Jill D'Angelo receives 21-month jail sentence

This is why proper background checking is SO important -- California dentist Dr. Amishi Patel, ordered not to practice uses identity theft to get hired as an associate. Faces 5 years in prsion

Kansas preacher Bruce Byrd accused of string of crimes against dentists

Oklahoma woman Annette Straily pleads guilty to steal of more than $280K from dental office

Former PA dental office manager Heather Smith sentenced for theft

Colorado's Robin Bernazzani Admits to Steal of $500K

Police: Former Dickson City PA dental worker Toniann Lagreca changed payment records to steal $3K cash

Carla Winn facing charges after alleged steal of patients’ credit card information. Worked in 3 practices

NC's Tasha Flaherty Charged with Impersonating Dental Hygienist

Texas Dental Association's pension plan is a victim of embezzlement - Ricky Lynn Richardson sentenced to five years for steal of $960K

Former OKC Oral Surgery Center Employee Erin Marie Bokemper Facing Embezzlement Charges $24K, Suspected in Steal From Patients

Cherie Shreve of Maryland indicted for steal from insurance between $10k and $100k

Not one you see every day -- California dentist has his LAWN stolen

Pennsylvania's Michelle Zonay Convicted of $100K Steal From Montco Dental Office; Receives Six Months House Arrest

Sandra Howell Accused of Steal of $25,000 From Missouri Dentist's Office

Former KY Bookkeeper Jennifer Priddy Faces More Charges in $17k Steal

Jury Acquits Whitfield County GA's Jennifer McGill Charges for $112K Steal From DSO

Please be Careful When Hiring a Consultant! Kari Swanson

Prosperident's Investigation Results in Office Manager Deanna Gray's 12-Year Sentence for Steal of $400K From VA Dental Practice

NV Couple John Turner and Tina Babich Accused of Using Woman's Identity to Steal Dental Work

Police: TX Thief Tried Using Stolen Identity to Get $45,000 in New Teeth in Sugar Land

Update - NJ's Yolanda Torres Pleads Guilty to steal of $400K - Sentence 6-20 Years

Yuliya Vaysglus, Former Office Manager of Boston Dental Practice Sentenced to 41 Months for Bank Fraud, Identity Theft and Tax Fraud related to $348k Steal

Audit: University of Iowa Dental College Caught Staffer Amanda Shumaker in Steal of $57,000

Florida's Timothy Powell Uses Identity Theft to Steal $41,000 of Dental Implants

Former South Dakota Bookkeeper Cheryl Callies Convicted Of Steal of $100K From Dental Offices

Illinois Bookkeeper Roxana Dusanek Charged with Stealing $400,000 from Dental Office; bail set at $300k

Can You Believe it? Two Nuns are Accused of Embezzling $500k From a Church School

Oklahoma Dental Employee Carla Wynn Charged with Steal of $1K from Patients' Credit Card Info

Colorado Embezzler Layla Masset Arrested for Steal >$20K - Prosperident Catches Another One

Bond set for Indiana Dental Office Manager Justyn Arch Accused of Bilking Medicaid out of $365,527

Feds: Vermont Dental Employees Tammy Laroque and Lindsey Cox Obtained Drugs, Committed Steal of $71K

North Carolina Dental Office Employee Margarita Alejo Charged with Insurance Fraud, $15K Steal

Katerin Rochet, Office Manager at Flushing, NY Dental Firm Busted for Steal of $35K in Insurance Checks

Mashpee, MA's Mary Lou McGrail Charged With Steal of More Than $400,000

NJ's Tanija Pate Accused of Steal by Writing $3K Checks to Herself From Dental Practice

Katina Powell, Woman at Center of U of Louisville Basketball Scandal, Arrested for Steal of 2.9K of Checks from A Dentist

Pennsylvania's Melissa Sue Taney Arrested for Steal of $8k From Community College Dental Clinic

Rebecca Seymour, Unhappy UK Dental Employee, Makes Steal of £4,000 from Practice

Connecticut Dentist has $18,000 Payroll Theft

Hector Ramos, Head of IT Department Accused of Embezzling $800k from California Non-profit Clinic

Look out for This Person! Alexandra Counts-Thompson has >30 Convictions

Embezzlement by A Spouse? Yes, it Happens! Stephanie Negron alleged to steal from husband

Arieta Gouvakis Couldnt't Steal From the Dentist, so she Stole $3K From Patients!

Karla Monte Wolf Accused of $10K Steal from Cassville, MO dental practice

Back to Jail for You -- CA's Karla Morales Arrested for not Paying Restitution for $46K Steal

Former University of Kentucky Dean Stephanos Kyrkanides Sues UK; Alleges University Failed to Act When He Reported Embezzlement - claiming $17.5 million damages

Illinois' Caren Irsuto Pleads Guilty to Steal of $600k from Practice. Husband Convicted Also.

Michele Olinger of Towamencin PA Charged with Giving Unauthorized Discounts

Misrepresentation When Selling Practice Results in $586K Damages Against Dr. Lawrence Smith

A Different Kind of Embezzlement -- DSO Executive Nathan Cox Sued for Steal of Trade Secrets; $20k Judgment awarded

California Dental Assistant Anita Sharma Sentenced for Role in $9.3M Mortgage Fraud Scam

Embezzlement in Dentistry in the 19th Century -- Emma Cunningham embezzled in 1857

Oklahoma City Office Manager Ellen Chidester Charged With Steal of $65,000

Not Fast on his Feet - When Caught, Dental Office Burglar Sean Maranzino Said he was "looking for his cat." Does this make him a "cat burglar"?

Florida Dental Employee Demetrius Nolen Charged with Grand Theft for Alleged Steal from Patients

Friends in Low Places -- Hector Ramos, accused of steal of $800k, has his friend call us

Florida's Kelly Rivera Charged With Stealing Thousands From Dentist

Texas Embezzler Andrea Smith Sentenced for Steal of Between $2K and $30K

Bothell WA's Lori Bowman Gets 2 1/2 Years for steal of $175K and Forged Prescriptions

UK Dental Receptionist Adele Ballantyne Jailed for a Year for Steal of £20,000

Indiana Employee Shannon Martin Fired for Embezzlement; Hacks Dentist's Social Media

Angela Kay Henson of Arkansas Gets 12 Years for $218,000 Steal - 'you kind of disgust me,' Judge Says

Embezzlement is not a Recent Phenomenon; Dr. Robert Kyle, Los Angeles Dentist, victim in 1942 of $550 steal

Another British Embezzlement - Leanne Mary Daniell Accused of Steal of £302,680 (approx. $375,000)

Big Money in 1997 -- Wisconsin Manager Paula M. Sullivan Sentenced for $800k Embezzlement

Idaho's Tina Felshaw Has Several Convictions including Steal of >$7K

NH's Eileen Fletcher Accused of Stealing Thousands from Keene Dentist

CA Police Arrest Dental Employee Anacristina McDaniel and Husband for Counterfeiting Prescriptions

Maine Embezzler Lori Ann Savage Sent to Prison, Ordered to Pay Restitution for $72K steal

N.Y. Office Manager Denise Marie Rossi Sentenced for Embezzlement, $100k restitution

Colorado's Cheryl Dunlap Received 15-Year Probation for Steal of $250k From Orthodontist

Wow -- Albany NY Dentist Sues, Accusing Ex-nun Mary Ann Fuina and Christine Mosher of Bilking Him out of Nearly $1M

NY Dentist Office Manager Kathy Harris Arrested for Stealing from Employer

Pennsylvania Dental Assistant Belinda Dietrich Sentenced to Year for Forging Prescriptions

Indiana's Malinda Downey with Embezzling $300k from Orthodontist

Nadine Royter, Non-dentist Owner of Minnesota Dental Practice, Charged with Steal of $100k from Medicaid

Brian Nordan, Former Manager of Indiana Practices, Convicted of Embezzling $3 million. Sentenced to 42 months

What do You do When You Can't Steal From Your Practice? Lisa Campbell Stole From a Patient!

Hoverboard Dentist Dr. Seth Lookhart Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

Nikki Lee Martinez's vehicle had blank checks found by police; steal of $96K

Florida's Camille Garza has Embezzlement Convictions

Police: Ohio OMS Office Employee Brittany Roehm Swapped Painkillers for Saltwater

California dental office worker Kristina Vargas arrested for allegedly obtaining fraudulent prescriptions - scam used 11 times

Pacific Islands Embezzlement - Guam's Teresa Adamos Pereda sentenced to 8 years for $1 million theft

Prejudicial Comments by Judge - Montana's Linda Faye Harris Gets New Trial

Glendale CA Man Ararat Yesayan Sentenced to Three Years for $2.1 Million Bank Scam Involving Dentists

Lots Going On at Michigan's Muskegon Family Care

Convicted Florida Embezzler Theresa Frank is Awaiting Sentencing for Steal of $100K

SOS Dental Experts and Markia Hood Added to our Watchlist

Jami Peterson, Kristi Heffington's Accomplice, Convicted for Steal of Between $10K and $100K; Loses Appeal. Sentenced to 5 years

Oregon Woman Anndrea Jacobs Convicted for $1.2 Million Steal From Dental and Medical Clinics

Two Dental Assistants, Alma Almendariz and Maria Uranday from the Same Practice Charged with Steal From Insurance

Oregon Office Manager Shannon Wilson Charged with Steal of $140k

Shirley Dunn Charged With Steal of $395k from Minnesota Practice; Cites Financial Difficulties. Total Suspected $800k.

Ohio's Jenny Draime Adams has Embezzlement Convictions for Steal >$100K

West Virginia Woman Melissa Evans Pleads Guilty to Steal from Bank of $120k

NY's Vilma Nokaj Gave Illegal Discounts to Family of $8K

MN Office Manager Sandra Jean Kelley Sentenced for Steal of $120k

Idaho Patient Toni Jo Lepper Charged with Stealing Relative’s Identity to Get Dental Work

Ashley Devereaux Hiring Alert — Arizona, Texas, and Kansas

Missouri Office Manager Miranda Wolf Charged with Stealing from Dental Firm

Melissa Brennen Stole from County. Sentenced to 6 months Lawyer Said - Would not Have Been Charged For Steal from a Dentist Instead

Hiring Alert California -Beatriz Ybarra Valdez - awaiting trial for steal from practice

24 Months for Roslyn Wedington, Serial Embezzler for Steal From Dentist and then Mayor

Arizona's Kent Maerki sentenced to 16 years for DSO Ponzi scheme and steal from victims of more than $23M

Canadians DO Embezzle -- BC's Kim Stephens Gets Convicted for steal of >$100K

KY's Denise Dempsey Pleads Guilty to steal of $300K

Virginia's Jenelle Cook-Cash Indicted for 6 Counts of Embezzled Money

Patricia Johnson of Florida Charged With Grand Theft & Fraud After Alleged Steal of Over $65,000 In Medication

Karen Tenney, Virginia Office Manager, Convicted for Victimizing Orthodontist

Joplin, MO Manager Andrea Nikodim Charged with $9K Steal from Dental Office

Tasha Enid Almodovar of Florida Arrested and Charged With Steal of up to $100K from Orthodontist

You Don't See This Every Day - NV Assistant Laurel Eich Allegedly Broke into Office Where She Worked for Steal of $23K

California's Katrina Maras, Arrested for $12K Steal from Dentist, has Connection to Hell's Angels

Jean Hakim, Another Ontario Serial Embezzler - $40k steal this time

Florida's Donna Marie Rothermel Arrested for $50k Felony Steal

Hiring Alert - Kansas - Juanita Simone Johnson - 5 convictions for theft, forgery and steal of identity

GA's Trenna Trice Pleads Guilty to Steal of $240K from Non-Profit and Dental Practice

Embezzlement happens anywhere - Singapore dental assistant Charlene Ashby Clay convicted of steal of $118K US equivalent

Florida Bookkeeper Heather Hushelpeck Sentenced to Two Years for Embezzling $280K from Oral Surgeon

UK Embezzlement - Dental Nurse Jennifer Locke uses fake patient names to steal £60,000 (US$81K)

Traci Anne Izes of Virginia Sentenced to Five Years for Steal of $178K

Upstate NY's Kimber Cummings Accused of $1.1 Million Steal

Tennessee's Amber Nichols Accused of $13K Steal

Arizona's Elizabeth Larijani charged with posing as a dental hygienist for years - used steal of identity to work in 10 practices

Texas' Tawana Barnes Gets Sentenced

Courtney Morland of Wisconsin convicted of identity steal - pays $11k restitution

Former office manager Belinda Dawn Colovin accused for Steal of $30K from Clearwater dental practice

Montana's Kristy Staley handed deferred sentence in admitted steal from dentist - worked there for 40 years

Bobbie Kay Accused of Steal of $123K From Vancouver WA Practice

Dental Office Employee Danielle Stevens commits steal of medication

Texas' Jennifer Thornton arrested for alleged steal from dentist - possible 20 year sentence

Billie Jean Peterson of Kansas charged with 111 counts of identity steal

Sara Dowlatkhah of Florida has extensive criminal record- 4 convictions - caution advised!

David Rose, Who Bilked Physicians and Dentists of More Than $2 Million Sentenced to 57 Months in Federal Prison

Kristen Labrue of Florida alleged to steal $80K in check steal; has done it before

Guilty Plea for Theft from Lisa Anselm of Virginia; Faces 60 Years in Prison

Caution - Hiring Alert - Ciera Castillo / Martin / Elward - California 5+ convictions

Sonja Mullin - Hiring Alert --12 convictions. charged with murder

Tami Weliever Hiring Alert -- Pacific Northwest

NC's Margarita Alejo Arrested for Steal of $15K

NC's Angela Nicole Brown stole $400,000 from dentist, spent it on Disney World and other vacations. Sentenced to five years.

SEC Charges Indianapolis Investment Advisor, Veros Partners, With Fraud involving $15m investment. Veros had hundreds of dental clients

Irina Chernyakhovsky -- Toronto Canada - 15 practices!

Phuong Nguyen of Massachusetts pleads guilty to embezzling $378k -- sentenced to 46 months in prison

North Dakota's Douglas Pete Miller commits steal of $76k from dentist by bonus manipulation

Adultery, murder and embezzlement for Tulsa OK dentist Dr. Bert Franklin. But it's only the beginning…

Dr. Jack Massarsky sentenced to 2 years for $1.2M embezzlement scheme

Mary Lou Rodriguez - From Embezzler to Master Hypnotist

Denise Hemeon of Newfoundland sentenced for $564K steal from government dental program

Michigan's Kimberly Monette arrested for steal of $200K over 10 year period

Colorado's Dana Cron arrested

Stephen Baird and S-Ray ultrasound company alleged to bilk dentist investors >$10 million

Florida's Pamela Benjamin has multiple felony charges pending and >10 past convictions

California's Sherry Hansel in custody

Texas' Melissa Scroggin convicted $150K<$300K

Amanda Kincell and Casey Fike of West Virginia Indicted for Wire Fraud - Facing 20 year sentence

Danielle Farnum of Vermont alleged to have committed steal from dentist

Patricia Bowman's steal of $1 million payroll includes dental practice

Dale Barlage, Arizona financial advisor, scams dentist friend for $465K

Danielle Powers, Las Vegas Serial Embezzler Sentenced to 8 Years

NY's Breanna Reed Convicted for $20K Steal from Dentist

Terri Purdie of Ontario charged for alleged $200K steal

Dr. Jeff Zimmerman still on Mississippi State Board despite $29K embezzlement

Theresa York of Maine accused of stealing >$500K from dentist

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