Kentucky's Elsie Lamb Steal of $15K From Dentist; Illegally Obtained Drugs

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Kentucky's Elsie Lamb Steal of $15K From Dentist; Illegally Obtained Drugs
Elsie Leighanne Lamb
Elsie Lamb

Lexington, Kentucky Police say a woman stole money and illegally obtained prescription narcotics from the dentist office she worked for last year. Investigators say 32-year old Elsie Lamb, of Lexington, falsely endorsed 34 checks that were addressed to the dentist she worked for and deposited them into her personal account, totaling more than $15,000.

Investigators say to carry out the crime, Elsie Lamb over-billed and submitted false or inflated claims to insurance providers.

They say she then altered or deleted payment information associated with the claims to conceal the embezzlement.
Lamb is also charged with using a DEA number assigned to the dentist to obtain controlled substances for herself. Investigators say she phoned-in false prescription orders from the dentist’s office.

Police say Elsie Lamb worked in the office from February to December 2015. Among her duties were coordinating patient payments and accounts billable and filing insurance claims for the business, according to investigators.

Lexington Police, in coordination with the Kentucky Department of Insurance, arrested Lamb on Thursday, April 7.

Elsie Lamb faces multiple charges

Police say she is charged with:

  • -Att/Obtain a Prescription Controlled Substance by Fraud (2 counts)
  • Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument 2nd degree (34 counts)
  • Theft by Deception Over $10,000 (1 count)
  • Tampering with Physical Evidence (1 count)
  • Fraudulent Insurance Acts Over $10,000 (1 count)
  • Unlawful Access to a Computer 1st degree (1 count)

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