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The Prosperident Pulse
Unsung Heroes
Supervising Examiner Christine Geary wears several key hats at Prosperident. She conducts some of our more challenging investigations. She is also responsible for training other fraud examiners, and her technical prowess makes her a subject matter expert in several of the softwares we work with. Christine is a Certified Fraud Examiner and has a forensic accounting degree. Prior to working with Prosperident, Christine made her mark as a trainer for the Dentrix family of practice management softwares.
A Crime Drama at your event!
We would love to liven up your event with something different and interesting.
To find out more or book a Prosperident speaker for your society or study club click THIS LINK.
Here are some of the places you can find us soon:
Jul 26 Star of the South Meeting Houston TX
Aug 24 South Carolina Dental Association Greenville SC
Sep 11 American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Orlando FL
Sep 12 Dentistry's Got Talent Key West FL
Sep 28 HR For Health Dental Leadership Summit Atlanta GA
Oct 3
Piedmont Comprehensive Dental Seminars
Shelby NC
Oct 24 Oral Surgery Michiana Elkhart IN
Dec 3 Greater NY Dental Meeting New York NY
May 1 Wevolution Chandler AZ
Introducing SOFIA, our Data-driven Consulting Service
When following your instincts isn’t good enough

Our CEO discusses SOFIA, our new consulting service

Dentistry has its foundations in science and dentists must have accurate information to diagnose. Without that in-depth information, they can’t properly treat patients. However, while you probably would not tackle most extractions without taking an X-ray first, many dentists and their advisors make major decisions by the seats of their pants when excellent data actually is available.
With our mastery of squeezing usable information from your practice's records, we are able to improve the quality of major decisions made by dentists. If you are wondering why your cash flow is disappearing into receivables, are deciding whether to add or drop PPOs, we can help.
The View from the CEO's Chair
Who doesn't love a puppy? Adorable eight-week-old Honey, whose owner is our Sheilagh O'Driscoll, our Communications Director, spent some time in our head office this week. Honey and I made a video together that you can watch HERE.
The message from Honey and me is that summer is a great time to do some work on your office financial systems. We know that embezzlers are quick to take advantage of deficient systems. Just like brushing and flossing can keep patients from needing expensive dental work, putting good systems in your practice is far easier and cheaper (and less stressful) than dealing with embezzlement when it occurs.
Our Owner Proactive Strategies or OPS includes a systems assessment plus one-on-one instruction on how to use the information in your practice management software to oversee your practice finances. OPS, and its individualized instruction get rave reviews from our clients. You can read more about OPS, and see what our clients say about it, HERE.
And if you are facing big practice decisions, our new SOFIA consulting service is here to help you.
If you are considering "renovations" to the systems in your practice this summer, I'd love to talk. Click HERE to arrange a time for us to speak.
Have a great summer!
Yours truly,

David Harris
We are Prosperident, Dentistry's Embezzlement Experts

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