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Special Book Release Edition
Want to WOW your live audience?
Our presentations provide a welcome break from clinical topics. With catchy titles like "Healers vs Stealers," case studies, and lots of actionable teaching moments, we can make your audience feel like they are watching a TV crime drama. However, what we present is real life.
Want to know what audiences think? Click HERE to see audience reviews from a recent speaking engagement.
To find out more or book a Prosperident speaker for your society or study club click THIS LINK.
Here are some of the places you can find us soon:
Sep 8 Orthopreneurs Summit Orlando FL
Sep 15 Dr. Erik Linkous Study Club Peachtree GA
Sep 22 Spear Education Virtual
Sep 23 Virginia Dental Association Norfolk VA
Sep 28 Dr. Ammon Anderson Study Club Sioux City IA
Sep 29 Wine About Compliance Napa CA
Oct 20 Northeastern Society of Orthodontists Montreal QC
Oct 21 Thompson Okanagan Dental Society Kelowna BC
Oct 26 Academy of Dental CPAs Lexington KY
Jan 18 Rocky Mountain Dental Conference Denver CO
Jan 29 Advanced Study Club San Diego CA
Feb 22 Chicago Midwinter Chicago IL
Mar 20 Macomb Dental Society Troy MI
Apr 19 Michigan Dental Association Lansing MI
Aug 24 South Carolina Dental Association Greenville SC

“Embezzlement happens for one simple reason: Someone who works for you decides they are entitled to your money. When the necessary elements exist, people (steal). No practice is immune.” Chapter 5

Dentists are often reluctant to talk about the lack of systems in their practices - it’s not an area of focus when they are overwhelmed with the complexities of running a busy practice. The danger is that these gaps create opportunities for internal theft.
But dental embezzlers beware! In David Harris’ new book, Healers versus Stealers: How to Outsmart the Thief in Your Dental Practice, dentists who have practice gaps will now have the knowledge and tools to put into action, and in less time than they thought!
David’s new book is packed with essential knowledge and tools such as:
  • Profiling how embezzlers think and behave using real life cases
  • Identifying key areas of practice vulnerability
  • Providing simple and timesaving tools to closing gaps a thief will exploit
And much more! Try it out for yourself- here’s a sneak peek at the first five chapters HERE.
To purchase the book on Amazon, click HERE.
    The View from the CEO's Chair
    I've written other books, but I'm proudest of my new one that became available last week.
    This book took two years to write, but the ideas behind have been percolating inside my head (and those of my Prosperident colleagues, because many of them contributed ideas) for over a decade.
    You have probably heard that 70% of dentists will be embezzled at some point in their careers, with half of that group being victimized more than once. Clearly, the conventional approaches to stopping this problem aren't working. This book provides an important first step in addressing that alarming statistic. Buy it, read it, apply it, and your chance of being a victim decreases dramatically.
    Still not sure if this book is for you? Check out the SNEAK PEEK we offer you above.
    If you are a dentist who wants our help with protecting your practice, or if you think that someone might be embezzling from you, please know that my amazing team and I are here to help you. Click HERE to arrange a time to speak with me about your practice.
      Yours truly,

      David Harris
      We are Prosperident, Dentistry's Embezzlement Experts

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