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Ace Crimefighter
Wendy Askins is at the pinnacle of her profession.
Wendy is one of only four investigators in the history of Prosperident to be given the title Supervising Examiner.
In this role,
Wendy tackles some of our most complex investigations and mentors more junior investigators.
Wendy's particular specialty is dealing with the complex financial flows of orthodontic practices.
And did we mention that our clients adore Wendy? To read the praise an admiring client heaped on Wendy, click HERE.
A Great Presentation for your Audience
Prosperident has some great speakers, and we would love to liven up your study club or meeting.
To find out more or book a Prosperident speaker for your society or study club click THIS LINK.
Here are some of the places you can find us soon:
Jan 18 Rocky Mountain Dental Conference Denver CO
Jan 29 Advanced Study Club San Diego CA
Feb 22 Chicago Midwinter Chicago IL
Feb 29 Orbit 2024 Atlanta GA
Mar 8 New Doctors' Summit Irving TX
Mar 20 Macomb Dental Society Troy MI
Apr 19 Michigan Dental Association Lansing MI
May 3 American Association of Orthodontists New Orleans LA
Jul 26 Star of the South Houston TX
Aug 24 South Carolina Dental Association Greenville SC
Many dentists believe that the true danger from embezzlement occurs when patients pay with cash, and that a practice that is cash-free should also be embezzlement free.
This is just not true, and we see many embezzlements where thieves steal checks or credit card payments.
Click below to watch a 90 second video from our CEO on this topic.
The View from the CEO's Chair
Next week is International Fraud Awareness Week, which is topical for my observations this month. The amount of contact that most people have with criminals is small. Most of the time this is a good thing. However, it does mean that the knowledge most people have about how thieves think and behave can be only knee deep.
I often see posts in dental social media groups where a dentist expresses some concern about embezzlement and several other dentists quickly jump in with advice that is well-intentioned but way off base. For example, "call the police" and "confront the suspect" are two frequently dispensed encouragements that, in most embezzlement situations, are probably bad ideas.
I know that the people giving this advice are trying to help, but embezzlement exists within a complex and sometimes counterintuitive ecosystem, and sometimes people's enthusiasm exceeds their knowledge.
Another area where people often think too narrowly is in what thieves steal. Many dentists have the mental picture of embezzlement is $20 bills leaving their office in a staff member's pocket. And yes, cash is every thief's first choice. But when the cash coming in is not enough to meet their needs, at least without creating suspicion, thieves will adapt. And adaptation means stealing something else. Each year we see many embezzlements where something other than cash is stolen.
While most of us are happier when we think we are immune from embezzlement, low cash intake really doesn't provide any safety.
I'd love to talk if you are interested in learning what really protects your practice from employee theft. Click HERE if you want to chat.
Yours truly,

David Harris

We are Prosperident, Dentistry's Embezzlement Experts

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