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What do I do if I think my staff is stealing from me? How do I protect my practice from embezzlement and other fraud?

These are the most common questions we get asked every day.  We know these are the questions that eat at practice owners.  The good news is that Prosperident’s team of professionals has over thirty years of experience in tackling just these concerns.

What Sets Prosperident apart?

Our expert team of more than twenty U.S. and Canadian fraud examiners works exclusively in a wide variety of dental practice environments including general dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery practices and dental support organizations.

Whether you are looking for an investigation, a system to help you fraud-proof your office, litigation support services, or a speaker for your next event, Prosperident has what you need.

How Many Dentists Are Embezzlement Victims?

A few more numbers on Dental Embezzlement:

Dentistry is the most embezzled profession:

  • The average amount stolen in a dental office embezzlement is $109,000
  • On average, a dental embezzlement goes undetected for almost 2 years

26% of dentists have been embezzled once. 11% have been embezzled twice. 2% have been embezzled three times. 8% have been embezzled four or more times. 53% of dentists have never been embezzled.

Prosperident can help!

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