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You’ve come to Prosperident looking for answers to tough questions about what is happening in your practice...

We know you have other options, so we‘d like to put your mind at ease that you’ve come to the right place.

Experienced and Capable

Prosperident has been solving embezzlement cases for over 30 years and has the largest and most skilled team of fraud examiners of any dental forensic investigation firm, by far. You have questions, and our team has the dental-specific knowledge to bring you answers quickly and thoroughly.  We work with everyone from solo practitioners to some of the largest DSOs.

We Know Your Pain

All of  Prosperident’s investigative team members have spent years (and often decades) in dentistry before joining us.  Our size and team qualifications allow us to address everything from straightforward investigations to the most complex cases. We will use our deep dental expertise to bring you knowledge and recommendations to handle the toughest situations.

We Are Obsessed With Quality

We have an extensive quality control process to ensure that our work is done to the highest standards.  Our CEO personally reviews every report where we find embezzlement.  And is he ever picky!  This ensures our high standards and gives you the confidence that our work meets and often exceeds your expectations.

Prosperident Has Your Back!

Our large team, breadth of dental experience and commitment to quality are all important factors, but the attribute that counts the most is simple — we have your back.  For over thirty years Prosperident has unwaveringly supported dentists, and we will do the same for you.

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State Dental Association Endorsements

Prosperident is endorsed by state dental associations including  Michigan,  Connecticut,  Wisconsin, Virginia, and  South Carolina.  And you know they are pretty careful about who they pick as partners.

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