Nadine Royter, Non-dentist Owner of Minnesota Dental Practice, Charged with Steal of $100k from Medicaid

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Nadine Royter, Non-dentist Owner of Minnesota Dental Practice, Charged with Steal of $100k from Medicaid
Nadine Royter
Nadine Royter

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According to the Minnesota Attorney General, Nadine Royter, 57, of Plymouth, an owner of Willow Grove Family Dental, billed for over $100,000 of services using the identity of dentist B.L. who had resigned from Willow Grove due to concerns with Royter’s unethical business practices. In one instance, Royter billed for dentures purportedly provided by B.L. to patient W.B.  W.B. told investigators he never received dentures.

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Nadine Royter's previous legal issues

A bit of digging on Ms. Royter reveals that this is not her only legal trouble. She is also facing a 2018 shoplifting charge:

Nov. 1, 2018, 400 Prairie Center Drive: Eden Prairie police responded to Von Maur at 400 Prairie Center Drive on report of a theft, according to a Hennepin County criminal complaint. Upon arrival, officers learned that a woman later identified as Nadine Royter, 57, had shoplifted items with a total value of $1,001, the complaint said. Security video showed Royter selecting items throughout the store and leaving without attempting to pay. In a search related to arrest, officers recovered the stolen items from Royter, the complaint said. She is charged with felony theft.

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There was also a person with the same name with several charges in Minnesota from 2000-2001:

First and Last Name Nadine Royter
Charges Filed Nov. 16, 2000
Source Administrative Office Of Courts (Minnesota)
Charges/Offenses Theft - $201 - $500 | Disobeying Stop or Yield Signs
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Last Name

First and Last Name Nadine Royter
Convicted Apr. 5, 2001
Source Dept Of Public Safety (Minnesota)
Charge/Offense Theft - Acts Constituting

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