Connie Jo Jensen of Montana pleads guilty to steal of $200K

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Connie Jo Jensen of Montana pleads guilty to steal of $200K

Connie Jo Jensen of Great Falls, Montana accused of embezzling more than $200,000 from a dentist's office here pleaded guilty Monday in federal court.

Connie Jo Jensen, 37, entered her plea to bank and credit card fraud before U.S. Magistrate Keith Strong.

Jensen, a former Family Dental Center employee, is accused of using a credit card and blank checks to steal from the practice at a rate of $5,250 per month from January 2004 to March 2007.

She was fired in March, when a private audit uncovered the losses.

Connie Jo Jensen's total theft $204K

Jensen began working for Family Dental Center in February 1999 and became office manager in August 2003, authorities said.

Questionable charges began appearing on the business' credit card accounts as early as February 2003, and the audit conducted in March and April turned up a loss to the business of $204,670, court records said.

Jensen allegedly used two methods to steal from her employer. Authorities say she used an office credit card to get cash advances or make personal purchases, and she used blank checks signed by the dentist to pay personal bills, get cash or make personal purchases.

At the hearing, Jensen did not indicate why she took the money. She has been released from jail on conditions; she was sentenced to 40 months in prison.

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