Louisiana Dental Office Employee Katie Lykins Arrested for Steal of $99K

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Louisiana Dental Office Employee Katie Lykins Arrested for Steal of $99K

The Mandeville, Louisiana Police Department arrested Katie Lykins, 33, for 210 counts of Unauthorized Use of an Access Card, 30 counts of Forgery, 1 count of Theft, 1 count of Money Laundry, 1 count of Identify Theft, and 1 count of Fraud.

Lykins was hired by a local dentist office located on West Causeway Approach in September 2010 to perform the duties of office manager. Lykins duties involved preparing bank deposits, writing checks for bills, maintaining employee payroll, purchasing needed office supplies and other various duties involving the practice's finances.

In September 2015 Lykins went out on maternity leave her duties shifted to another employee who observed some suspicious account activity. Upon investigating the records the victim discovered years’ worth of theft and fraud and immediately notified police.

Katie Lykins paying personal bills from practice

The resulting investigation revealed Lykins had been intermittently paying her mortgage, personal electricity, health insurance, vehicle insurance, cable, and phone bills using the victim’s accounts. Lykins also fraudulently used the accounts to buy merchandise from Office Depot as well as to make Paypal and Amazon purchases.

All told, over the course of the last five years Lykins has stolen in excess of $99,000.00 through the unauthorized use of credit and debit accounts as well as forged checks.

Warrants were issued for the arrest of Lykins who cooperated by turning herself in to the Mandeville Police Department this morning at 8:00 am. She was booked and transported to the St. Tammany Parish Jail.

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