Arizona's Delisha Kitts arrested for embezzlement

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Arizona's Delisha Kitts arrested for embezzlement

Delisha Kitts, a 29-year-old Cottonwood, Arizona woman, was arrested Monday and charged with skimming proceeds from her employer.

Delisha Lynette Kitts, was arrested and charged with fraud schemes, theft, and forgery after it was alleged she was stealing cash transactions of over $3,500 from her employer, Dr. Bruce Westover DDS.

The officer claimed that Kitts, who worked the front desk, would take the cash transactions, alter the computer record showing the patient had a credit, or delete the transaction completely.

When interviewed, Kitts denied the $3,500 but allegedly admitted to taking a one-time cash payment of $400. Kitts told officers she did this to "help the patient out." Kitts was booked into the Yavapai County Jail.

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Delisha Kitts has prior convictions

Editor's note:

A search of our database reveals that Ms. Kitts has several theft convictions from 2003.  It is important to check criminal records before hiring!


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