KY's Denise Dempsey Pleads Guilty to steal of $300K

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KY's Denise Dempsey Pleads Guilty to steal of $300K
Denise Dempsey

Referring to Prosperident's Wendy Askins as a "living legend" is not much of a stretch. She leads all Prosperident investigators in convictions and dollar amount of embezzlement identified in her storied career, and she has mentored many of Prosperident's capable investigators. And there has just been another notch added to Wendy's belt.

Denise Dempsey (who sometimes goes by "Verlie Dempsey" of Harold, KY, has pled guilty to embezzling from the dental practice where she worked. She has paid some restitution, but according to court records still owes approximately $244,000.

Denise Dempsey pled guilty

She was initially indicted on a charge of "theft by failure to make the required disposition of property," but pled guilty to a reduced felony charge.

As her sentence does not appear to include jail time, there is a possibility that Denise is looking for work in dentistry. We remind readers to perform a proper background check, including a criminal records check and speaking with former employers, before making a hiring decision.

While we feel bad for the victim, who is a very kind and caring dentist, we are proud of Wendy for helping the victim achieve justice.

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