Wendy Askins

Wendy Askins

Introducing Wendy Askins

Wendy Askins is one of three Supervising Examiners at Prosperident, initially joining our team in 2012 as an Investigator. Before starting her career with us, Wendy had worked in dentistry for over 25 years. Wendy’s extensive resume includes managing and consulting with large group orthodontic practices and manufacturing companies, as well as college degrees in psychology, criminology, and an MBA.

Wendy possesses a comprehensive knowledge of orthodontic and oral surgery practices. Her strong academic background makes her incredibly successful in exposing complex theft modalities committed by both employees and, unfortunately, business partners. Wendy has specialized investigative capabilities that are unique to the dental world’s business functions. She possesses an uncommon perspective on these crimes, driven by her own first-hand experience with the multi-faceted devastation caused by embezzlement, allowing her to connect with her clients personally.

Wendy holds a Certified Fraud Examiner designation and is an in-demand speaker and member of Prosperident’s Speakers’ Bureau. She possesses a gift for converting complicated and sometimes frightening concepts into practical terms for day-to-day application in any dental practice. Wendy brings her tremendous knowledge of embezzlement to orthodontic, oral surgery, and general dental audiences on an in-depth level that both educates and fascinates.  She is also a published author, with several articles in orthodontic and dental publications.

Wendy is an accomplished speaker and author.  Her speaker’s page is HERE, and you can read an article she co-authored HERE.

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