Former employee at Connecticut dental practice Jessica Cash called in fraudulent prescriptions - $5k bail

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Former employee at Connecticut dental practice Jessica Cash called in fraudulent prescriptions - $5k bail

CHESHIRE — Jessica Cash, a former employee at a local dental practice, faces charges after police say she filled prescriptions using unauthorized identification numbers.

Jessica Cash, 29, of 327 Merwin Ave., Milford, was arrested this week and charged with two counts each of criminal impersonation, identity theft, illegally obtaining drugs, third-degree forgery and sixth-degree larceny. She was arraigned in Meriden Superior Court on Wednesday. A judge set bond at $5,000 and continued the case to Jan. 6.

On July 28, an officer responded to a local dental practice for a report of employee theft. One of the doctors said shortly after Jessica Cash was hired in late June a patient reported cash and eyeglasses missing from her purse, according to Cash’s arrest warrant. In an effort to determine who was responsible for the theft, a doctor placed a piece of paper and some change in a bank envelope and left the envelope in the storage area of an employee who was on vacation, according to the warrant.

The doctor told the police he noticed Cash walk into the area and saw her holding the bank envelope. When confronted, Cash dropped the envelope and denied any wrongdoing, the warrant said. Cash was fired on July 16.

Jessica Cash used doctor's prescription ID.

In early August, a doctor reported to police that his prescription identification number was fraudulently used 16 times, starting on July 7 for either muscle relaxer or Tylenol with codeine, the warrant said. The prescriptions were called in under various names and filled at pharmacies in Cheshire, Milford and West Haven, according to the warrant.

Security footage from a pharmacy in Cheshire showed someone driving a white Nissan picking up one of the prescriptions. Police went to Cash’s home and discovered a Nissan matching the description, the warrant said. When interviewed, Cash told the police she wrote down doctors’ identification numbers when she worked at the dental practice and began using them after she was fired.

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