Florida's Camille Garza has Embezzlement Convictions

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Florida's Camille Garza has Embezzlement Convictions
Camille Garza
Camille Garza

While Camille Garza (born October 25, 1983) of Sunshine, FL, looks like she is having fun in this photo, she was probably having less fun when she was convicted of Grand Theft, Fraud, Organized Fraud of between $20,000 and $50,000 and a probation violation. She was sentenced to a year in prison plus ten years of probation.

Camille Garza has multiple convictions

These charges originated from her work in two Florida dental offices, and she is reported to still be working in the dental field.

She also has a long list of traffic violations, and your overall impression is that this is someone without much respect for society's rules.

Ms. Garza personifies the need to conduct criminal records checks before hiring.

Here is one of her mug shots:

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