Ada, OK Dentist: Ex-office Manager Robin Logan Accused of Steal of $200K

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Ada, OK Dentist: Ex-office Manager Robin Logan Accused of Steal of $200K


Ada Oklahoma dentist James Clark said he discovered that Robin Logan had taken $200,000 from his business purely by accident.

"I had some people pay with cash who were friends of mine," said Dr. Clark. "I had it checked out and it wasn't reported. So that was the first sign of a problem."

After that, Clark said he hired a forensic researcher to look into the problem and found out that some cash payments made from 2008 to 2012 had never made it to his bank.

Court records also show that his longtime business manager, Robin Logan, had used a company credit card for unauthorized purchases including a shotgun, clothes, and home décor.

It's a situation Clark says he never saw coming.

"No, I did not believe it at first. I said there's got to be something wrong," said Clark.

Court records indicate Logan was arrested in July of last year and now faces charges of embezzlement by employee.

Robin Logan's attorney maintains her innocence

Logan's attorney, Jason Christopher, maintains his client's innocence.

"When we waived the preliminary hearing this week we stood on a plea of not guilty," said Christopher.

But whether Logan is innocent or guilty Clark said he's suffering the losses.

"This is like one big family here at this office," said Clark "And this isn't a theft against me, it's a theft against everybody."

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