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[–]patrickkevinsaysDeath City 7 points

In this day and age? Good luck.

[–]843tanshoesRigFlairWooooooo -1 points

I'm trying to hear some stories from "the good ol' days" when you could forge scripts.

[–]zasinzoop 1 point

my boyfriend and his friends pharmacy hopped a lot in the late nineties. he had a script for oxys at the time and filled them multiple times every month. his friends stole a script pad and got away with it a few times. one pharmacy caught on and just took it and told her not to come back or they'd call the police. can you imagine trying that now? i always tell him his generation of addicts ruined it for mine.


[–]3NZ3Rrogue.pharmacist 1 point

"the good ol' days" are RIGHT NOW believe it or not.

As long as doctors continue to write prescriptions on PAPER and let you leave the office to take it ANY DAMN PHARMACY you wish without ANY kind of database that tracks prescriptions BEFORE they are filled... (yes, im well aware of state monitoring systems that log prescriptions AFTER they are filled) ....well, then yes, getting counterfeit prescriptions filled is way too easy and will continue to happen until the current method is drastically changed.


[–]thelastvirgin 1 point

I know someone who's dad is a pain doctor. He was saying that he would steal his Rx pad and go through his files and find the numbers used to call in the scripts to forge opiate prescriptions. Said he'd call in 80mg oc's and all other kinds of shit. Wish I had met him a few years earlier.

[–]veblensf 7 points

Yes, there's nothing like ruining your father's career.

[–]thelastvirgin 1 point



[–]Stellasully 1 point

Yeah, not anymore....

[–]stahmpcollectorLick it and stick it 2 points

This is not realistically possible to forge opiate prescriptions in this day and age. Everything is tracked electronically and if you try and write for anything scheduled or abuseable they will contact the doctor in question to verify. It's just not worth it for the kind of federal pound-me-in-the-ass time you will do.


[–]oh_no_five_oh 10 points

You may be able to knock off a script or two but it'll catch up to you if you forge opiate prescriptions. The DEA actually contacted my department and told us not to arrest someone who was hitting up all of our local pharmacies with fake scripts because they were waiting until the guy passed a certain number of them so they could charge him with some crazy federal level serious shit.

[–]SmallManBigMouth 1 point

Ah, building a case I see.

[–]dirtbiscuitwo 0 points

I guess it hasn't occurred to this person that they should have busted long ago?..sounds like an addict off the "fuck it" or someone hard up for cash being used to forge opiate prescriptions. How sad.

[–]PixelPlayaOsamaBinNoddin 1 point

a couple years back i knew this chick that got her hands on a script pad. She was able to get like 5-6 diff scripts in a months period, but then got careless and got caught, while attempting to fill a script 2:30am

She got lucky though, it was her first offence, and the judge just ordered a 90 day rehab.

[–][deleted] 1 point

A girl I was in rehab with worked at a pain management clinic and was writing her own scripts to forge opiate prescriptions. She did not get caught but finally fessed up anyway.

Aside from a situation like that... Unlikely.

[–]indalceciothat's mine i dropped it 2 points

it's possible with C-III drugs but not really C-II to forge opiate prescriptions. well anything is possible but you have to be one of those natural criminals who just knows how to find weaknesses in systems and such. even then you'll get caught anyway.

C-III drugs you can get away with a few times if you forge opiate prescriptions, but that's the problem, nobody ever knows when to stop. everyone always says they'll be the one to know when to stop and not get greedy but when you're sick and you successfully pulled it off a few times you just tell yourself "just do it and once it's over with you won't be worrying about being caught,"it's a hard thought process to explain but you basically just push the chance of failure out of your mind because you so badly want the feeling of getting a score and having your drugs. it's a losing game, forging scripts.

[–]3NZ3Rrogue.pharmacist 1 point

It's really not as hard as people seem to think it is to forge opiate prescriptions. The trick here is not to forge stolen script pads but to learn how to COUNTERFEIT prescription slips. It CAN be done still to this day. A big part of how to forge opiate prescriptions just depends on getting lucky with passing them to careless or newer pharmacist. Yes even schedule 2 pharms... I've done it with #120 roxy 30s and #60 Opana 40s and more xanax soma valium and klonopin than I can even count.


[–]bottom_bitch_pikachu 1 point

A dude of mine used to run down to cities a couple hours away, to 24 hour pharms, had fake scrip pads and a TON of diff fake IDs, would use these in tandem to somehow move a shitload of pills. Feds caught him eventually and he was fucked, but damn he got away with forge opiate prescriptions for a while.

[–]Tihkalittletrip 1 point

My dentist gave me roxy 5 mg like 3-4 times a fees years ago and I changed it to a 15... So glad to this day I never got caught


[–]vinnySTAXKeep runnin, runnin, never runnin out of money 1 point

I've seen it work if you are able to get ahold of a legit script pad, and know the doctor's personal "DEA number" and also know exactly what to write and keep the script numbers within reason. That having been said, I've never seen it keep working and never catch up with the people who were doing it. At some point, there's always that unwanted knock at the door.

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