Ohio's Jenny Draime Adams has Embezzlement Convictions for Steal >$100K

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Ohio's Jenny Draime Adams has Embezzlement Convictions for Steal >$100K
Jenny Draime Adams
Jenny Draime Adams

This is Jenny Draime Adams, who lives in Brunswick, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cleveland. Jenny's date of birth is Jun 5, 1969.

Jenny Draime Adams Felony Convictions

Back when she used to live in Florida and went by the name Jenny Lynn Draime, she was convicted in 2006 of First Degree Larceny (which is for stealing more than $100,000) from a Palm Beach area dental practice.

She also has Florida arrests for theft of less than $5,000, motor vehicle theft, and domestic battery.

It appears that Jenny moved to Ohio circa 2008. We are unable to determine whether she has been working in the dental field in Ohio, but we do note a 2018 bankruptcy from which she was recently discharged, so clearly Jenny's troubles have continued after her move to Ohio.

As always, we recommend a proper background investigation, including a criminal records check, before hiring any staff member.

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