Washington's Debra Remmers Must Repay Dentist for Steal of $101,798

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Washington's Debra Remmers Must Repay Dentist for Steal of $101,798

Davenport, Washington resident Debra Remmers was ordered Tuesday to repay $101,798 she embezzled as the bookkeeper for a local dentist.

Lincoln County Superior Court Judge Philip Borst also tacked on $10,000 to cover attorney and accounting fees dentist Doug Teal paid to document his loss.

Borst agreed to deduct about $7,000 if Remmers can prove her claim that the money actually was used to pay Teal’s income tax.

Debra Remmers sentenced to 90 days plus restitution

Remmers was convicted of raiding Teal’s bank account between January 1991 and August 1993. She pleaded guilty in September to first-degree theft and was sentenced to 90 days of monitored home confinement, 240 hours of community service and five years of probation.

Remmers previously agreed in a private contract to repay Teal his estimated total loss of $135,000.

Snow said Remmers already has paid $76,368, mostly with money from the sale of one of her two Davenport houses. She may be forced, under her agreement with Teal, to sell the second house, Snow said.

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