Sonja Mullin - Hiring Alert --12 convictions. charged with murder

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Sonja Mullin - Hiring Alert --12 convictions. charged with murder

Dental offices in Oregon and Washington are advised to be on the alert for Sonja Mullin (DOB Dec 25, 1980).

Ms. Mullin's resume shows that she has worked at dental practices in the Portland/ Vancouver area. A check of Ms. Mullin's records reveals roughly a dozen criminal convictions including assault, DUI, theft, probation violations and numerous motor vehicle offenses. She was also charged with murder and attempted murder. Oregon court records confirm that she was the driver of a vehicle in a gang-related drive-by shooting (see details HERE.) She later testified against the other people involved in exchange for a reduced prison sentence for some other crimes (details HERE.)

Sonja Mullin's resume

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Practice owners are reminded of the need to conduct proper pre-employment screening before hiring.

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