Virginia embezzler Rosalind Deborah Wright goes undetected for ten years; Steal of $350k

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Virginia embezzler Rosalind Deborah Wright goes undetected for ten years; Steal of $350k
Rosalind Deborah Wright
Rosalind Deborah Wright

A once-trusted Virginia dental employee who stole more than $350,000 from her employer was ordered yesterday to serve 18 months in prison.
Rosalind Deborah Wright, 50, stole the money from dentist Alexander Balian's office over a 10-year period starting in 1998, court records state.

Rosalind Deborah Wright pleads guilty

She pleaded guilty in June to six counts of embezzlement. Five other charges were dropped.

Yesterday, Judge David Beck sentenced Rosalind Deborah Wright to a total of 60 years in prison with all but 18 months suspended. Wright had no previous criminal record.

According to court records, Balian hired Wright as his office manager in 1998. She soon began taking checks from insurance companies and signing them over to herself with Balian's signature stamp. She then put the money in her private account.

Court records say Wright stole thousands of dollars every year and pocketed nearly $48,000 in 2002.

Terese Hill, who worked in the office with Wright for about five years, was the first to notice a discrepancy and later turned over evidence of Wright's embezzling.

Wright quickly admitted to stealing when confronted by a Spotsylvania detective.

Also yesterday, a plan for Wright to repay $350,000 was finalized.

She paid $175,000 to Balian yesterday, according to the agreement. That money came from the sale of a riverfront summer home Wright and her husband owned.

She is also scheduled to pay another $25,000 in cash on Dec. 10.

The rest of the debt will be paid through the transfer of two timeshares to Balian and from monthly $500 payments Wright must make or risk losing her primary residence.

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