Olivia Rutty - Embezzlement in England -- Prison for practice manager for steal of £30,000

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Olivia Rutty - Embezzlement in England -- Prison for practice manager for steal of £30,000

Olivia Rutty, a dental practice manager, "wickedly" stole more than £30,000 from her employers to fund a lavish lifestyle.

Olivia Rutty took £35,370 from Pure Dental Health and Well being in Truro, where she had worked for ten years and paid for a hotel and tickets at Badminton Horse Trials, a new sofa and clothes among other items, Truro Crown Court heard on Friday.

The 31-year-old, of North Street, Redruth, convinced her builder husband Nicholas to submit invoices for work which was not carried out or was charged at inflated prices.

Olivia Rutty claimed financial hardship

Once caught, Olivia Rutty pleaded financial hardship and claimed the money was used to pay off debts.

James Taghdissian, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said Olivia Rutty was promoted to business development manager at the practice, giving her access to the company's credit card and some control over its finances.

She used the cards for personal purchases and awarded herself unauthorized pay rises and loans.

Mr Taghdissian said the company struggled financially because of her crimes, leading to owner Jeremy Harris having to extend his bank overdraft for the first time ever.

"This was a company which was doing well," said Mr Taghdissian. "There was considerable stress, considerable worry and all of it down to the greed of Mrs Rutty who wanted a lifestyle she was unable to provide."

The court heard practice manager Sharon Sweet told the police Olivia Rutty had never shown signs of struggling with money but bragged to colleagues about weekends away, meals and luxury purchases.

She said: "I am horrified Olivia Rutty took either part or all of my and the other team members' Christmas bonuses."

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