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Please be Careful When Hiring a Consultant! Kari Swanson

Update October 29, 2018:
It appears that this business is using a new name -- East Coast Medical and Dental Staffing LLC.  Same website, same phone number.

Original Article:
Kari Swanson holds herself out to be a consultant providing services to dentists.

We are fortunate to work with some excellent consultants.  However, because consulting to dentists is an unregulated profession, there is nothing stopping people with very checkered pasts holding themselves out as consultants.

Kari Swanson, shown in the picture above, has used many different names in the past owns a couple of businesses providing services to dentists. However, there is information about her that should make any dentist question the wisdom of hiring her.

Kari Swanson has used many names

The name she is using for business purposes is Kari Swanson.  Some other names that she may have used in the past are Kari Lyn Swanson, L Schukman, Kari Lyn Schuckman, Kari Lynn Swanson, and Kari Schuckman Gomez.
The two companies that she owns are:

  1.  Dental Temp Solutions, located in Virginia, which has a website that looks like this:

2.  The second business is called KLE Dental Jobs.  Its logo looks like this:

It seems that Kari has been in some trouble over the years.  Here are some of the criminal charges that we have identified:
It is questionable whether Kari Swanson will be able to carry on her businesses for much longer, because in May 2018 she received a fifty one month federal prison sentence (to be served starting on January 1, 2019) for embezzling from a Virginia dentist.  She was also ordered to repay a six-figure amount at the lofty rate of $150.00 per month. However, as alarming as it is that someone with this particular baggage is selling her services to unsuspecting dentists, this conviction was not the only brush with the law for Kari.  A search of Virginia state records revealed a number of other convictions including a least a few that were fraud-related.  Based on the number of names that Ms. Schuckman / Swanson / Gomez has used over the years, it is entirely possible that there is more, but here is what we found:

We asked Kari for her comments but did not receive a response.
Kari is not the only consultant who causes us concern.  Please see this post -

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