Truly Ann Dominowski Jailed for 120 days for Embezzlement From Michigan Dentist

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Truly Ann Dominowski Jailed for 120 days for Embezzlement From Michigan Dentist

Truly Ann Dominowski, 52, caught embezzling from an Auburn dentist, was sentenced for her crime this week.

Dominowski, of Auburn, Michigan was charged with a felony count of embezzlement of $20,000 to $50,000 as a result of an investigation that began after her employer, Dr. Peter Morley Jr., discovered she had been stealing money from his practice, the Auburn Family Dentistry, where she was employed as the office manager.

Truly Ann Dominowski sentenced to 120 days in jail

Truly Ann Dominowski entered a guilty plea to a count of attempted embezzlement in April, and was sentenced Monday in the Bay County Circuit Court. Judge Kenneth W. Schmidt levied 120 days in jail, three years of probation, 400 hours of community service, $30,184 restitution and no contact with the victims or staff members.

Morley spoke during the sentencing and provided the Daily News with a copy of his statement, which chronicles years of believing the economy was to blame for difficulty paying the bills.

“She knew over the last several years how difficult it was for me to pay all the bills at my office,” Morley said. “Often, I was unable to make the payroll, and I did not get paid.”

Truly Ann Dominowski stole over $100,000

The investigation showed that Truly Ann Dominowski who worked at the business 21 years, had been stealing since 2008, and the total was well over $100,000. Morley said he was shocked to find she took the money even though he paid her a good salary, plus bonuses and vacations, and treated her family for free.

After being unable to give his employees raises for the last few years, having to tell them the practice income was flat and his income had gone down, things began looking up as soon as Dominowski was let go.

“I was able to give all of my employees a good raise just weeks after she was gone and another raise later in the year. I have never had another problem paying any of my bills since she has been gone, and our schedule is the same,” he said.

Before asking for the maximum penalty in the case, Morley commented on the Dominowskis' lifestyle, including regularly redecorating her home, spending time at her vacation home, showing off her wardrobe and jewelry and sending her daughter to a private school, all while stealing from him and pretending to be his friend. He called the restitution almost symbolic in comparison to what she stole.

“She has damaged my practice and hurt my family, my employees and my patients,” he said. “We have put in hundreds of hours trying to clean up the accounts, and I am still writing off thousands of dollars on patient accounts that say they paid cash.”

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Michigan State Prison (DOC) Booking Details


MDOC Number: 959956
SID Number: 4945196X
Racial Identification:White
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Height:5' 1"
Weight:130 lbs.
Date of Birth:07/11/1962  (53)


Current Status: Probationer
Supervision Begin Date: 06/08/2015
Assigned Location: Bay/Bay City/Prob/Par
Supervision Discharge Date: 06/08/2018 ALIASES

Body Piercing- Left Ear
Body Piercing- Right Ear



Sentence 1
Offense: Embezzlement - Agent or Trustee $20,000 to Under $50,000 - Attempt
Minimum Sentence: MCL#: 750.1745A
Maximum Sentence: 3 years 0 months
Court File#: 14-10681
Date of Offense: 05/05/2014
County: Bay
Date of Sentence: 06/08/2015
Conviction Type: Plea 



01 - No violations of any criminal law
02 - Not leave state without permission
02.4 - Not use or have any controlled substances or drug items
03 - Monthly reporting
03.5 - Disclose information
03.10 - Community Service
04 - Notify of change of residence
04.5 - No contact or be 500' away from their residence
04.16 - Must obey Court Orders
04.18 - Behavior
04.19 - Association
04.20 - Not own or possess weapons
04.21 - Contact field agent
04.22 - Comply with field agent
04.23 - Allow Field Agent into your residence
04.24 - Authorize a search if Field Agent has cause
04.25 - Report any arrest or police contact
04.26 - Personal Protection Order
06.4 - You must make genuine efforts to find employment
08.0 - Serve jail time as described
08.1 - Pay restitution as described
08.2 - Pay a Crime Victim's Assessment
08.11 - Assignment of wages until ordered assessments are paid
08.18 - State Costs

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