Rose Clifford

Glasses - Dress Shirt

Rose Clifford began her career with Prosperident in 2015 as an Intermediate Analyst before being promoted to Fraud Examiner in 2018. Rose currently holds the position of Senior Fraud Examiner.

Before joining the team at Prosperident, Rose owned and operated a denture lab for ten years, where she worked as both the administrator and as a hands-on lab technician.

Originally from Tennessee, Rose resides in California with her husband Scott and their daughter Miki, who are also members of the Prosperident team.

Rose feels a great deal of satisfaction from helping dentists through the worst times of their careers, and she loves the challenge of fitting all of the pieces of the embezzlement puzzle together when she investigates. Rose is fascinated with methodology, and she is a pro at uncovering the ways that embezzlers steal.