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Introducing SOFIA

July 05, 2024

Introducing SOFIA consulting services

For when following your instincts isn’t good enough

“Trust your gut.”  We have all heard, followed, and probably given that advice.  And, in situations where a problem is not solvable quantitatively, making decisions by intuition is the only way.  Traditionally, dentists have relied on instinct to make major and even life-altering decisions. 

Dentistry has its foundations in science and dentists must have accurate information to diagnose.  Without that in-depth information, they can’t properly treat patients.  However, while you probably would not tackle most extractions without taking an X-ray first, many dentists and their advisors make major decisions by the seats of their pants when excellent data actually is available.  

For 35 years, Prosperident has used its mastery over the financial data from dental practices to solve embezzlement problems.  Today, we cut the ribbon on SOFIA, a consulting service that will harness that same financial expertise to help you make financially-informed decisions like considering a premises expansion, bringing on associates, opening additional locations, controlling your overhead, or assessing the financial impact of PPO plans.

What does SOFIA stand for?  Strategic Operational Financial and Integrative Accounting.  That’s a lot of big words, but what’s important for you is to know that Prosperident’s experts will bring their mastery of practice information to bear on the decisions vexing you.

Supervising Examiner Tony Ulbrandt and Supervising Proactive Specialist Amber Weber-Gonzales, who have proven their expertise as highly qualified senior members of Prosperident’s team, will put their decades of dental financial knowledge to work for you.

Some of the areas where we can help you:

  • Decisions about contracting with or going out of network with PPOs
  • Finding why receivables are eating your cash flow
  • Should I bring on an associate?
  • Buying a building or premises expansion
  • Selling to a DSO

In today’s challenging climate for dental practices, don’t you want to make the best decisions possible?  Complete the form below to find out how.


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