It’s Not Just Cash That Gets Embezzled!!

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It’s Not Just Cash That Gets Embezzled!!

May 03, 2023

Many dentists think that their vulnerability to embezzlement is limited to employees stealing cash that is received from patients.  While any thief is happiest when cash is available to steal, they are quite capable of stealing other forms of payment as well.

Here is a facebook post where the dentist dismisses embezzlement because of low cash intake:

Most of our payments are through credit card terminal and insurance check and once in a while pt pays in cash.. at the end of the day I check every single entry and batch report and matches with bank deposits . I am curious how else she can embezzle?

This video from our CEO David Harris discusses that the problem is much bigger than cash theft.

Our Hall of Shame is full of descriptions of embezzlement where other types of incoming funds were stolen.

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