Tony Ulbrandt

Tony Ulbrandt

Tony Ulbrandt spent six years as a forensic accountant working with several prominent CPA and dental consulting firms before joining Prosperident in 2016. Tony’s experience and expertise include forensic investigation, valuation work, financial analysis, litigation support, and taxation.

Tony’s considerable talents and contributions quickly saw him promoted to the position of Supervising Examiner in 2018.  Tony is only the third examiner ever to hold this position at Prosperident.

Tony Ulbrandt’s Role

As the Lead member of Prosperident’s Litigation Support Services Team, Tony investigates complex matters in both the litigation and pre-litigation stages. Tony is Prosperident’s acknowledged “data analysis wizard” who possesses a phenomenal skill in analyzing complex spreadsheets and databases.

Tony Ulbrandt is a Certified Fraud Examiner, and he holds a Master’s degree in accounting.