Alleged steal of $36K by Dale Bradford Harding causes financial cavity for Atascocita TX dentist

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Dale Bradford Harding
Dale Bradford Harding

Dale Bradford Harding, of Splendora, is accused of stealing more than $36,000 from an Atascocita dentist for whom he performed bookkeeping tasks, according to court documents filed in the 339th District Court in Harris County.

Harding, 51, is charged with aggregate theft, a third-degree felony.

Dale Bradford Harding took loan in dentist’s name without approval

In a probable cause statement filed in court, investigators say Harding took out a $45,000 business loan through his business credit card associated with the dentist’s office, without the dentist’s approval.

The money was reportedly deposited into the dentist’s bank account, but Harding allegedly immediately began transferring the funds to his own account, a little at a time, over a period of about six months.

Harding is also accused of writing three checks on the dentist’s bank account, forging his signature. The defendant used the checks, investigators determined, to make payroll at Harding’s own personal drug screening companies.

“[I] contacted the defendant who stated he paid himself with the complainant’s checks for tax and bookkeeping services he rendered,” the investigating deputy wrote in his probable cause statement.

“Complainant told [me] he paid defendant with a personal check for $675 for 2010 tax services and received an IRS levy on his account for unpaid taxes of $37,000 not filed by the defendant.”

The investigator further states that Harding admitted to writing checks on the dentist’s account and provided several reasons for doing so.

“[Harding] stated that he had power of attorney to write these checks for the complainant,” the probable cause statement says, adding the dentist denied this claim. “[Harding] stated that he would bring proof of the power of attorney to [me], but he failed to do so.

Complainant informed [me] that the defendant did not have power of attorney and did not have authorization to transfer any money from his account without the complainant’s written authorization for any transaction.”

A felony warrant was issued for Harding’s arrest and he was taken into custody Sept. 27. As of Wednesday, Sept. 28, he remained in Harris County Jail on a $10,000 bond, awaiting arraignment Oct. 19.

Here is some information on Mr. Harding’s tax business and related criminal activity —

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