Embezzlement at Idaho State University’s dental education program by Dianne Gilbert.

POCATELLO – Pocatello police released the name Tuesday of the third person involved in the grand theft embezzlement case at Idaho State University’s dental education program.

Dianne Gilbert responded to a felony summons Tuesday after prosecutors sent them out to the three suspects last week.

Gilbert, 43, is a dental assistant with Pocatello Family Dentistry, 465 Memorial Drive, which provides a resident training program for local dentistry students.

Sabra Knight, 35, another dental assistant with Pocatello Family Dentistry, and Marlene Funk, an administrative assistant with the Department of Dental Sciences at ISU, were also charged in connection with the case. Gilbert and Knight have been charged with accessory to grand theft by embezzlement, and Funk faces charges of grand theft embezzlement. All three suspects are due in court Thursday.

Police have said the embezzlement case resulted in less than $10,000 being stolen from ISU’s dental program through falsified payroll forms.

“(Funk) is the primary suspect,” said Capt. Steve Findley, adding it appears Funk initiated the entire case.

None of the suspects involved in the case could be reached for comment.

Pocatello Family Dentistry declined to comment on the matter and directed questions toward James Fletcher, ISU’s vice president of finance and administration. Fletcher could not be reached for comment.

Pocatello police initiated an investigation of ISU’s dental program on May 13 after the university’s Department of Public Safety alerted the local law enforcement officials of an internal audit into the department.

ISU began its internal audit after a whistle-blower alerted the university to payroll irregularities in the dental program.

Police said the three suspects with the dental program had allegedly recorded faulty data on their timesheets resulting in losses of less than $10,000.

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