North Dakota’s Douglas Pete Miller commits steal of $76k from dentist by bonus manipulation

Douglas Pete Miller
Douglas Pete Miller

Douglas Pete Miller of Bismarck faces a felony charge on accusations he stole more than $75,000 from his former employer by adjusting his monthly bonuses.

Douglas Pete Miller, 40, was charged Sept. 25 with Class B felony misapplication of entrusted property. He made his initial court appearance on Tuesday, where South Central District Judge Gail Hagerty set his bond at $1,000. Miller has posted the bond. His next court hearing is scheduled for Oct. 31.

Douglas Pete Miller’s stealing discovered during salary review

According to court documents, Miller was the manager at Dakota Family Dental. During a salary review, officials there discovered Miller had been altering his monthly bonus from July 2008 to February 2013, with a total amount of loss to the company of $76,201.97.

Documents say Miller was fired and later was asked to repay the money. He wrote a check for $20,158.97, and his parents wrote one for $64,000, an affidavit said.

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