Don’t you think it would be missed? Dubai office employee employee “JM”admits to steal of $15k laser from office


DUBAI // JM Filipina, a 43-year-old dental clinic employee, has admitted to stealing a laser machine worth Dh55,000 but cannot explain why she stole it or where it is.

The Dubai Criminal Court was told that an employee only identified as JM, worked at a dental centre in Dubai until the device went missing on June 5.

JM admitted to stealing laser

Police were called to the scene and the employee initially denied taking the laser but later admitted she left the device in a lift. When police found no trace of it in the lift, they interrogated her further and she admitted to putting the device in a bag and taking it to Deira City Centre and then home.

Her flat and car were searched but the laser was never recovered.

She awaits a verdict on September 5.

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