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I was caught today having forged a prescription that a dentist had given me. He accidentally tore off one sheet too many and I used the “other” one to fill 60 Lortabs. When I went to pick them up at the pharmacy the pharmacist said he spoke the the dentist and that he did not write that script and he was confiscating them.

I told my dentist I had forged a prescription

I spoke to the dentist and told him that I had forged a prescription and he said he would not press charges. What I want to know is will the pharmacist turn it and will I be prosecuted because I forged a prescription by the DEA?

Expert:  Samuel II replied

hi.  chances are the feds will not prosecute you – however, the pharmacist is obligated to report it to the police and District Attorney in your county and you can be prosecuted on a state level. it is not up to your dentist. it is up to the DA to decide.


So do I sit here and wait for them to come and get me…if they even do. Whats the likelihood of something happening. Do I go ahead and get a lawyer?? I have no criminal history, have never been arrested. Am a middle class stay at home mom, that really screwed up. What I’m scared is that someones going to knock on my door and arrest me with my kids and family here
Expert:  Samuel II replied

hi.  it is very possible that you could be arrested on a warrant based on the information gathered from the pharmacist. you might consider consulting with a local attorney who can perhaps head off an arrest warrant by talking to the DA and seeing if a subpoena can be issued for a court date instead.

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