CA Dental Office Assistant Frances Aguirre Serving 120 Days In Jail For Workers’ Compensation Steal


Frances Aguirre, a 32-year old Dental Office assistant, has been prosecuted for Workers’ Compensation fraud.  Aguirre was charged by the Ventura County District Attorney with 3 Felony counts of Insurance Fraud.

Probe Information Services reported that Frances Aguirre was working at Vista Village Dental as an office assistant when she alleged an industrial injury.

Aguirre was off work and receiving disability benefits and medical treatment when surveillance found her working at a mall kiosk. 

Probe Information Services’ investigator obtained a recorded statement wherein Aguirre denied concurrent employment or earning income. Employment records were located which provided wage and employment data for Aguirre concurrent to the time period in which she was receiving medical and disability benefits.  As a result of her misrepresentations, Aguirre received WC benefits to which she was not entitled. Probe’s SIU referred the case to the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office and felony criminal charges were filed and Aguirre was arrested and pled guilty to Insurance Code 1871.4(a)(1).

Frances Aguirre sentenced to jail and restitution

 Last week Aguirre was formally sentenced to pay $35,060 in restitution for the theft of benefits, to serve 120 days in jail and 5 years of formal Probation.

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