We are the world's largest firm investigating financial crimes committed against dentists.

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Employee embezzlement against dentists is a growing industry. Sophisticated new modalities of embezzlement emerge regularly and until now, the tools available to perpetrators were better than those available to dentists.

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What is FraudGUARD?

FraudGUARD is an intensive review of more than 25 systems in your practice (all having embezzlement implications).

Key features

  • Completely stealthy – no one but you will know that the process is taking place.
  • Involves an in-depth review of current office policies and practices, with a view to identifying and correcting hotspots” used by larcenous employees.
  • Also includes “compliance auditing” to address the important question of whether the doctor’s policies are being complied with by team members.


  • To increase the chance that employee embezzlement will be detected.
  • To force embezzlers to use riskier (and therefore less appealing) means of embezzlement.
  • To provide the comfort that your systems are the best that they can be.

You will receive a written report outlining the procedural deficiencies that we have uncovered, with our recommendations for procedural change, and the results of our compliance auditing.  Clients will also receive no-charge access to our Embezzlement Risk Assessment Questionnaire for a three-year period.


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Did you know?

Published statistics suggest that 2 in 3 dental offices will eventually be stolen from, and since many embezzlements go undetected or never reported, the true incidence is probably higher.

The average embezzler steals over $100,000 before being caught, and the monetary theft only begins to tell the full story — there are usually additional costs involved in recovery and remediation.


Do you own five or more dental offices?

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