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Guest Post - Dental Job Market Update 2022 - Dr. James Younger

Introduction: Dr. James Younger is both a practicing dentist and the CEO of TempStars, a company that provides termpoary staff to dental practices in the US and Canada. We asked Dr. Younger for his views on finding good staff in 2022, and this is what he told us. In

Guest Post -- Are You Replaceable? By David Phelps D.D.S.

Editor's note -- Dr. David Phelps is the Founder and CEO of the Freedom Founders Mastermind. He is an expert at assisting dentists with the diversification of their wealth outside their dental practices. We are honored to have David as a guest columnist. You can also see him interviewing our CEO, David Harris, here --

Guest Post -- Jeremy Behar, Cirrus Consulting Group

Jeremy Behar Once Upon a Time…a Dentist Signed a Lease We’ve all heard this bedtime story. The one about the dentist who after years of dental school and associating, decided to start their own practice. Eager to get their practice underway, they go through the necessary steps to select a

Guest Article -- Laura Nelson

Laura Nelson 5 Ways to Make Hiring (Almost) Painless Firing and hiring are probably the least favorite parts of the job for most dentists and office managers. In fact, some dentists dread this process so much that they hold onto employees way too long in order to avoid firing someone. There

Guest Column: Eric Cohen - Add 5% To Your Net Income-- Stop The Silent Money Siphon

Editor's note -- for most small businesses, including dentists, accepting credit cards is an expensive business necessity. And if you have ever tried to compare the total cost of two different credit card plans, you know how confusing it can be. So when knowledgeable experts can attack this problem for you, and get

Guest Column -- Chuck Blakeman -- Build a Practice You’ll Love, and Get a Life, Too

Chuck Blakeman The first time our CEO heard Chuck Blakeman speak, David's thought was that "this guy truly understands the essential challenge of owning a small business." His book Making Money Is Killing Your Business (available on Amazon) is something that every dentist should read. We are thrilled to have Chuck as a guest

Guest Column -- Kevin Tighe -- Ten Point Checklist to Reduce Cancellations and No-Shows

Kevin Tighe is the managing partner of Cambridge Dental Consultants. We think of him as being a combination of brilliant insight and applied common sense. Let's see some of his wisdom: Ten Point Checklist to Reduce Cancellations and No-Shows Reducing cancellations and no-shows have similar but different protocols for:

Guest Post -- Solutionreach -Do Your Patients Want Online Scheduling Options?

by Kim Williams-Justesen Marketing Communications Manager, Solutionreach For better or worse, technology has become a ubiquitous aspect of modern life. We work on computers for our jobs and continue using them when we get home. Our cellphones have more computing power individually than all of NASA had for the lunar landings. We are a tech-savvy

Guest Columnist Laura Nelson on the Morning Huddle

Laura Nelson If you don't know who Laura Nelson is, you probably should. Laura runs a consulting company called Front Office Rocks, and is quickly making a name for herself as one of practice management's bright lights. We have featured her twice as a guest columnist, and her articles have been wildly popular with

Our wildly popular guest columnist Laura Nelson returns!

Laura Nelson When Laura Nelson who was one of our most downloaded guest columnists ever, offered to give us another guest post, we didn't hesitate for a minute. Her last guest spot in Prosperident's newsletter was the most-clicked-on guest article ever. (If you want to check out that article

Jonathan VanHorn -- The Fifteen Numbers that Will Make (or Break) Your Dental Practice

Jonathan VanHorn Introducing Jonathan VanHorn Jonathan VanHorn is certainly an interesting guy. He is a CPA, but has moved beyond the traditional CPA bailiwick of "historical" work like P&Ls and income tax filing.

Gary Takacs -- 5 Tips to Make This Your Best Year Yet

Gary Takacs For more information please visit Gary’s website Many of you know or know of this guest columnist. Gary Takacs' bio states that he is a practice advisor,

Dr. Lisa Knowles -- New Year, New Hope

Dr. Lisa Knowles Learn more about Lisa at You can reach her at 517-331-3688 Lisa Knowles is known as "Dentistry's Communications Expert." After fifteen years of practice ownership,

Jennifer Schultz -- The Value of Numbers

Jennifer Schultz Learn more about Jennifer at You can reach her at (563) 582-4762. Jennifer is one of the most versatile consultants you can find. She is a fusion of clinical and managerial knowledge. She has been a hygienist, a software trainer,

Kristin Pelletier -- Overcoming the Insurance-Driven Patient

Kristin Pelletier Learn more about Kristin at As you know, in the course of our work we are blessed to encounter some truly amazing consultants, and we like to use this portion of our newsletter to showcase some of them.

Steve Steinbrunner -- I Deserve a Raise!: Why Custom Dental Accounting Really Matters

Steve Steinbrunner This issue's guest column is by Steve Steinbrunner. At the time of writing, Steve was VP Business Development for Four Quadrants Advisory Companies, a national accounting and financial planning firm with only dentists as clients. I Deserve a

Paul Edwards -- Seminar Attendance & Travel Pay: The Office Policy that 8 out of 10 Employers Get Wrong

Paul Edwards This guest column is by Paul Edwards, CEO and Co-Founder of CEDR HR Solutions. Paul is definitely a "go-to" guy when it comes to human resource questions in dental offices, and he has shown considerable interest in the area of embezzlement.

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