NC's Tasha Flaherty Charged with Impersonating Dental Hygienist

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NC's Tasha Flaherty Charged with Impersonating Dental Hygienist

We had previously encountered Tasha Flaherty of Burlington NC in her capacity as an office manager.  When that career ground to a sudden halt, Tasha, who was always willing to try new things, decided to reinvent herself as a dental hygienist.  The lack of professional credentials to practice hygiene was a minor detail that didn't hold her back.

It was all fun, games, and prophylaxis, until the state regulator came knocking which resulted in Tasha finding herself once again in legal difficulty.  This is nothing new for Tasha; a review of criminal records reveals over a dozen offenses in the period 2011-2018, including several larceny convictions across two states.

We wish Tasha well in her next career which we hope lies outside dentistry (and being a commercial pilot!).  

Just a reminder that professional credentials claimed by a job applicant should be verified directly with the issuing body.  The link to do this for North Carolina is


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