Guilty Plea for Theft from Lisa Anselm of Virginia; Faces 60 Years in Prison

Lisa Anselm Va

Embezzlers should know better than to mess with Prosperident’s Wendy Askins. Lisa Anselm of Burke, VA learned that lesson the hard way.

Anselm worked for an orthodontic practice in Virginia owned by Dr. David Hughes. As a result of Wendy’s investigation, Lisa was indicted on 54 counts of felony embezzlement. In August 2022, she signed a plea agreement that resulted in several of the charges being dropped.

Watch Dr. Hughes describe what went on in his practice.

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Lisa Anselm to be sentenced in December 2022

She is scheduled to be sentenced in 2023, where she faces a possible prison term of up to 60 years. You can see details of the charges against Lisa HERE.

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Dr. David Hughes