Massachusetts Office Manager Lisa Giroux Charged with Steal of $55,370 From East Longmeadow Dentist


PALMER – Lisa Giroux, 56, of Hampden who authorities allege stole $55,370 from an East Longmeadow dentist while working as the office manager faces five years imprisonment on each of three criminal charges, court records show.

Lisa Giroux to be araigned

Lisa Giroux had been scheduled to be arraigned in Palmer District Court earlier this month on embezzlement, larceny and criminal transaction by false pretense charges, but her arraignment has been rescheduled to May 10.

A state police investigation says that from 2007 to 2015, while employed by Dr. Amy St. Germain, who has a dental office in East Longmeadow, Giroux allegedly gave herself unauthorized amounts of vacation pay, falsified financial records and destroyed time cards.

The investigation says Giroux, who was terminated by St. Germain in June, “was exclusively in charge of payroll.”

The police report says St. Germain stated that due to her own medical condition, she entrusted running the office to Giroux, had known Giroux since the 1990s, and that she began working for St. Germain in 2002.

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