Litigation Support Services

Litigation Support Services

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In litigation matters involving dentists, Prosperident is there to provide expert assistance to your legal counsel.

Some of the situations where we can assist are:

  • Employee termination matters where the practice owner is looking to build a case for embezzlement or malfeasance on the part of an employee who has been terminated or is about to be.
  • “Buyer’s Remorse,” where the purchaser of a practice believes that the seller misrepresented attributes of the practice.
  • Disputes between owners of a practice, where misappropriation by one of the owners is an issue.
  • Situations where a practice owner retained outside entities (e.g., consultants, bookkeepers, accountants) and is concerned about misappropriation or malfeasance on the part of the retained entity.
  • Divorce matters involving dentists, where the maintainable income of the practice is in dispute.

We can help with:

  • Determination of factual matters when facts are in dispute
  • Assistance with the application of legal and contractual concepts to the dental context
  • Provision of expert reports and expert witness testimony
  • Analysis of, and rebuttal of, opposing expert reports
  • Assistance with the development of discovery requests and deposition questions
  • Analysis of information contained in practice management software
  • Information recovery if passwords are lost or changed without authorization

If you are a dentist dealing with a litigation matter, either as plaintiff or defendant, or you are an attorney representing a client, we are happy to discuss how we might assist.

A Lawyer's Comments

“I just wanted to let you know that we argued the Motion yesterday and that your Affidavit and report were invaluable. We obtained a very favorable result in large part to your work. Thank you.”


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