Nebraska receptionist Loretta Jean McClure suspected of steal of $11k from dentist

Loretta Jean Mcclure
Loretta Jean McClure

Loretta Jean McClure, a former dentist’s office receptionist, turned herself in Tuesday to Lincoln police, who accuse her of embezzling $11,612 from the company. Loretta Jean McClure, 41, 2600 A St., was arrested on suspicion of theft. Lincoln Police Officer Katie Flood said her employer at Pine Lake Dental, 3200 Pine Lake Road, noticed financial discrepancies when McClure went on vacation recently.

Loretta Jean McClure stole cash from deposits

More specifically, it was noticed that McClure, who was in charge of collecting patients’ payments and taking cash to the bank, hadn’t made a cash deposit in all of 2010, Flood said.  Flood said McClure was hired by Pine Lake Dental in July 2008. During her employment, 70 cash payments were not deposited, Flood said. She said it is unknown what happened to the missing money. McClure had no prior contact with Lincoln police. Have questions or concerns about your practice? Call us toll-free at 888-398-2327 or click HERE. Content retrieved from Receptionist suspected of embezzling $11k from dentist | Crime and Courts |