How we stopped long-time dental employee Miranda Wolf in her tracks

This is Senior Fraud Examiner Amber Weber-Gonzales. She is an experienced investigator and a practice management software wizard.  She was the lead investigator on this case.

Amber Weber

Amber investigated the suspect in this case, Miranda Wolf.  Her work resulted in a completion and expected full restitution.  Well done, Amber!

Meet Miranda Wolf, embezzler

This is Miranda Wolf of Joplin MO.

Miranda WolfMiranda pled guilty to a Class C Felony for stealing – $25,000 or more from Cornerstone Family Dental in Carthage, MO.

You can read an articlea about Miranda’s stealing HERE.

A wonderful man, Dr. Mark Saladin, was one of the owners of Cornerstone Dental.

Dr. Mark Saladin

This case made the local media

Dr. Saladin gives us some background on Miranda

Why did she do it? Once again the stories differ.

Happily, Dr. Saladin is expecting to get all of his money back.

How much was stolen?

Like many thieves, Miranda lied about how much money she stole.  Watch her answer the “how much” question and then see Dr. Saladin give the real answer.

Is she remorseful? Dr. Saladin doesn't think so.

What was it like working with Prosperident?

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