Office Protection System

The most advanced Office Protection System available, designed specifically for dentistry.

At Prosperident we often hear: “I don’t have embezzlement concerns, but I’d like to know what steps I should be taking to make sure that my office has a system in place to protect me from potential threats in the future?” We have answered that question by developing our Office Protection System or OPS® service which is available only from Prosperident and unlike anything else in the industry. All the tools you need to make your practice efficient and secure are now easily and readily available to you, thanks to OPS®.

What is OPS®?

OPS® is a complete and thorough diagnostic review of your practice’s policies, procedures, and systems performed by one of our OPS® Specialists, which we, in turn, evaluate and analyze to determine what is working and what is lacking in your office’s current setup. Based on our specialist’s meticulous review of your existing policies and systems, we make recommendations on what areas need upgrading, elimination and/or restructuring in order to make your office the most efficient and effective place for you to earn your living, with peace of mind, knowing that you have the right systems in place and that staff compliance with your policies is measurable.

Our OPS® Specialist will systematically review and analyze all of your office’s policies and procedures, specifically focusing on over 25 of what we consider to be the most important policies and procedures, essential to a healthy, well-functioning practice. At the end of our review, we create a written, detailed report with our observations and recommendations for how to implement the changes we see as necessary to your practice.

A few key features of OPS® include:

  • Five, one-time changes you can implement immediately to make your practice more resistant to internal threats of theft.
  • Instructions on how to perform a fast and effective day-end review.
  • What essential procedures your staff must follow, and what you yourself should be checking at month-end.
  • A comprehensive “how to” on properly screening applicants for positions in your office.
  • A detailed review of the security settings in your practice management software.
  • And we provide you with a number of policies, in writing, to supplement what you already have and successfully use.

We are 100% confident that using our Office Protection System service is your best bet for establishing policies, procedures, and systems that work as a preventative strike to would-be thieves in your practice, while establishing simple and reliable actions to be taken on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to further ensure that you truly have the best office practice procedures in place.

What OPS® is not.

OPS® is not a software program and it is most assuredly not a 3-ring binder of cookie-cutter recommendations on how to run a dental practice. It is not a gateway to monthly, external monitoring of your practice with an ongoing financial commitment under the guise that you are buying a monthly assurance that all is well with your practice’s front office. OPS® is not a replacement for the services of a reputable dental consultant, accountant or bookkeeper, nor is it a dental embezzlement investigation. OPS® is exactly what its initials stand for, it is an Office Protection System, designed to promote security and staff accountability in the day-to-day operation of your practice.

Who did we design OPS® for?

  • Dentists and new dental school grads establishing a brand new office.
  • Dentists who are purchasing an established practice who want to ensure that they are not using a predecessor’s unevaluated policies and procedures, especially when the previous practitioner’s staff is retained by the new owner.
  • Dentists who know for a fact that they do not have embezzlement issues and that wish to keep it that way!
  • Dental entrepreneurs who are setting up multi-office practices and who want to ensure consistency across the board with regard to office policy, procedures, and systems.
  • Dentists who wish to take more control over ensuring that their office policies, procedures, and systems are being adhered to by staff, but who do not wish to unnecessarily give up chair-side hours to become more effective at recognizing whether their staff is policy compliant.
  • Any dentist who has ever been a victim of embezzlement, no matter how small, who wants to ensure that they are doing all they can to decrease the chances of it happening to them again.

How much does OPS® cost?

The cost of OPS® normally starts at $6,000 for a solo dentist, with the cost being slightly more for a group practice. For an accurate quote on implementing OPS® in your office, please contact us and we will ask you a few questions that will enable us to give you a price that reflects your circumstances.

What are you waiting for?

We would love to have the opportunity to talk with you about OPS® and all of the benefits it will provide to your practice. It costs you nothing to have a chat with us about OPS® or any of Prosperident’s other products and services. Simply click on the button below and we will be happy to contact you.