The Most Advanced Office Protection System Available, Designed Specifically For Dentistry.

Prosperident’s Office Protection System

Most practice owners are aware of our expertise in performing forensic investigation for practices that suspect or have discovered employee theft. And if you are in that situation, we are happy to help (please click HERE to be taken to the investigation portion of our website).

In the same way that a dental practice offers both restorative and preventative services, we are able to put our expertise and experience to work to help you avoid future embezzlement issues.

Our Office Protection System or OPS service is available only from Prosperident and unlike anything else available to practice owners. All of the tools you’ll need to make your practice efficient and secure are now readily available and easy for you to use, thanks to OPS.

What is OPS?

OPS is a thorough diagnostic review of your practice’s policies, procedures, and systems performed by one of our experienced OPS Specialists.

In the course of this review, we examine more than 25 key practice systems to identify weaknesses that could be exploited by a larcenous employee or outside party and then assist you in eliminating these vulnerabilities.

We also perform one additional function, which we call “compliance auditing.” Compliance auditing is where we become your “eyes and ears” by putting our forensic expertise to work in testing whether your staff is complying with your policies. The specific tests we perform vary from practice to practice depending on the policies that you have in place.

At the end of our review of your systems and staff compliance, we create a written, detailed report with our observations and recommendations for how to implement the changes we see as necessary to your practice.

The areas that we review include:

  • Oversight by the practice owner
  • Practice management software
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll

How do you do your work?

We start by studying existing systems in place in a practice. We have a structured process designed to help a practice owner efficiently document the policies currently in use. This process includes both an in-depth questionnaire and

What benefits does a practice get from OPS?

Here are some of the things you will get from implementing OPS in your practice:
1. We address an important skill that is not taught in dental school; how to efficiently monitor the financial performance of your practice. Many experienced practitioners have a flawed monitoring process, and for a new practice owner, this task can seem overwhelming.
2. We will demystify some of the key record-keeping functions performed by your office manager and bookkeeper so that you can understand the work of these key people.
3. We review security settings and user permissions in your practice management software to ensure that your setup makes sense for you.
4. We help you increase staff accountability, increasing your confidence level that your practice is operating as it should.
5. Many embezzlement victims learned a hard lesson – that their losses can be traced directly back to poor hiring practices. We will show you how to find out the information that a job applicant doesn’t want you to know.
6. Many practices suffer from a lack of documentation for policies and procedures. This vacuum creates vulnerability when key staff leave and take their institutional knowledge with them, and also often creates an “understanding gap” between staff and the practice owner. We will provide you with more than twenty written policies that can easily be adapted for adoption in your practice.
7. Finally, OPS provides you with peace of mind by ensuring that you have the right systems in place and that staff compliance with your policies is measurable.

We are 100% confident that using our Office Protection System service is your best bet for establishing policies, procedures, and systems that work as a shield against internal theft. We will create reliable and straightforward actions specific to your practice to ensure that you have the highest level of protection.

What OPS is not

OPS is not a software program, and it is most assuredly not a 3-ring binder of cookie-cutter recommendations on how to run a dental practice. It is not a gateway to monthly external monitoring of your practice with an ongoing financial commitment. OPS is not a replacement for the services of a reputable dental consultant, accountant, or bookkeeper, nor is it a dental embezzlement investigation. OPS is exactly what its initials stand for; it is an Office Protection System, designed to promote security and staff accountability in the day-to-day operation of your practice.

Who did we design OPS for?

  • Dentists and new dental school graduates establishing a new office.
  • Dentists who are purchasing an established practice who want to ensure that they are not using a predecessor’s unevaluated policies and procedures, especially when the previous practitioner’s staff is retained by the new owner.
  • Dentists who know for a fact that they do not have embezzlement issues and want to keep it that way!
  • Dental entrepreneurs who are setting up multi-office practices and want to ensure consistency across the board regarding office policy, procedures, and systems.
  • Dentists who want to gain more control over the financial operation of their practices without sacrificing clinical time to do so.
  • Any dentist who has ever been a victim of embezzlement who wants to decrease the chance of it happening to them again.

How much does OPS cost?

The cost of OPS starts at $7,000 for a solo dentist, with the price being slightly more for a group practice. For an accurate quote on implementing OPS in your office, please contact us, and we will ask you a few questions that will enable us to give you a price that reflects your circumstances.

How long does it take to complete the review of my practice?

The time can vary a bit, but about eight weeks is typical. This is a “high-touch” product, and you should expect to devote 10-15 hours of your time to the process.

What are you waiting for?

We would love to have the opportunity to talk with you about OPS and the benefits it will provide. It costs you nothing to have a chat with us about OPS or any of Prosperident’s other services. Just click on the button below, and we will be happy to contact you.

Do you own multiple offices?

OPS Multi-Office by Prosperident is the Office Protection System solution, designed specifically for owners of five or more dental practices.

If you are an owner of a multi-site operation, then you are a dental-entrepreneur, and as such, you face a unique set of needs to ensure that all of your locations are in sync when it comes to protecting yourself against the threat of embezzlement.
Whether you have opened each of your locations as a new venture or you have acquired established practices from others, merging offices and ensuring that your team members are using the right policies and procedures and adhering to your specific operational policies can become an often overlooked and daunting task. The need to guarantee consistency in adherence to your policies and procedures in multiple locations is critical, especially if you are planning to continue adding to your network of offices.

We developed OPS Multi-Office not only to eliminate the “mix and match” policies of practices you have acquired, but we also designed it to establish a reliable system in your new offices so that you will be able to bring all of your sites into one master system, customized to your specific needs.

Once you have employed our OPS program, you can safely and confidently continue to add additional sites to your business, without the hassle of trying to figure out if the office you have just acquired has come complete with an embezzler on staff. The same is true if you have purchased a practice where the previous owner wasn’t entirely truthful about what they were selling you. If you are establishing multiple offices of your own, OPS Multi-Office allows you to do so with complete confidence, knowing that all of your locations operate exactly the same.

Key Features:

  • An extensive evaluation of all current office policies and practices to identify and correct deficiencies that leave you vulnerable to internal theft.
  • A comprehensive review of both individual office systems, as well as your “Head Office” operations in critical departments such as Purchasing and Human Resources.
  • The establishment of an active internal audit function that allows you to safeguard all of your offices against embezzlement.
  • Providing a concrete framework for future acquisitions which will help to ensure that you aren’t “buying problems.”
  • Access to specialized Prosperident team members with experience working in multi-office practices to provide you with industry best practices, tailored specifically to your practice.

OPS Multi-Office is designed to help you affordably build powerful and relevant practice systems so that you can focus on your patients while building your network of locations.

Did you know?

Published statistics suggest that more than 80% of dental offices will eventually succumb to internal theft, and of that appalling number, some practices will be stolen from MORE THAN ONCE. Sadly, since many embezzlements go undetected or unreported, the actual incidence is probably higher. In the case of multi-office practices, a higher prevalence is guaranteed!

The average embezzler steals over $100,000 before being caught, and the monetary theft only begins to tell the full story, since there are usually additional costs involved in recovery and remediation. Having a system in place to catch a thief in your offices as early as possible is vital.

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