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Why do we consistently see more orthodontists be embezzled than other dentists? Let’s face it – there are differences between how orthodontic practices function and how other practices operate.  Everything from contracts with quarterly payment cycles to the clinical delegation practiced by orthodontists differentiates you from the rest of the dental community. 

Bottom line, orthodontic practices have their own particular patterns of theft. 

This is where Prosperident comes in.  Over a decade ago we hired our “Top Gun”  and orthodontic team lead, Wendy Askins. Wendy combines business and fraud investigation education with a lifetime of experience managing orthodontic practices and investigating orthodontic employee theft.  The letters of commendation from grateful clients say it all so be sure to take a look below! 

Our team is well versed in all orthodontic practice management software.  So whether you use Dolphin, Orthotrac, Edge, Viewpoint, TopsOrtho, Cloud9 or something else, we can assist you. 

If you want to proactively protect yourself against employee theft, or if you have embezzlement concerns and want us to take a stealthy look, we would love to speak with you. Please click the Contact Us button and we will be in touch shortly. 

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