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The team at Prosperident is made up of over 20 forensic accountants, fraud investigators, IT specialists, and support staff, all with varied dental backgrounds.  Team members include former practicing dentists, forensic CPAs, dental consultants, software trainers and former dental office managers.

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David Harris

Chief Executive Officer

An accidental occurrence led to David’s founding of Prosperident in 1989.

Prior to founding the world’s oldest and largest firm investigating financial crimes committed against dentists and dental specialists, David spent several years working for a federally-chartered bank where he managed commercial loan portfolios and conducted internal investigations.  Before that, David’s Army service included funding for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Under David’s leadership, Prosperident has expanded over the past three decades to become a team of more than 20 highly specialized forensic accountants, fraud investigators, IT specialists, and support staff.  Prosperident is consulted on hundreds of embezzlement matters annually. David’s vast investigative experience, coupled with his own youth-filled misadventures, has given him a unique insight into the mindset and actions of embezzlers. He is passionate about sharing this ever-growing wealth of knowledge with dentists and dental specialists.

David is an accomplished author and much sought after speaker on the topic of dental embezzlement.  His book, Dental Embezzlement: The Art of Theft and the Science of Control, is available on Amazon.

David believes that the best educational experiences are enhanced by humor. David’s entertaining and insightful presentation style has made him a favorite presenter at regional, national and international dental conferences.

David’s professional qualifications include Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified in Financial Forensics, Forensic CPA, Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, Licensed Private Investigator, and he is listed as an Expert Witness with Thompson Reuters.

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Wendy Chediac

Chief Operations Officer

Wendy first joined Prosperident as our Manager of Customer Service, where her strong eye for detail and remarkable problem-solving skills quickly resulted in her being promoted to Vice President of Investigations, and ultimately to her current position as our Chief Operating Officer. Wendy became a partner at Prosperident in 2018.

As COO, Wendy manages and directly oversees the flow and conduct of investigations to ensure that all phases of our work are completed in a timely fashion and to the highest standard.

Before joining Prosperident, Wendy enjoyed a successful 18-year career as a full-time manager for several large and high profile dental practices. During those years, Wendy’s reputation as a detail-oriented professional created an organic demand for her services as a practice management consultant, where she helped many dentists overcome operational issues in their offices.

Wendy is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a licensed private investigator. She holds a university degree in psychology and statistics.

When she is not wearing her COO’s hat, Wendy spends her time with her Police Staff Sergeant husband and their two children.

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Jacob Hiltz

Chief Information Officer

Jake is Prosperident’s Chief Information Officer. Following his studying Computer Science at Dalhousie University, Jake was originally hired as Prosperident’s Network Administrator, where he began developing the extensive hardware and software network we use to run our technology-intensive, geographically scattered company.  He was appointed to his current position in 2015.

Jake became a partner at Prosperident in 2018.

As CIO, Jake’s main responsibility is using technical information as a strategic resource by Prosperident, for the smooth and efficient flow of information through the company and for the integration of various technology systems. Jake has a talent for IT development and he is responsible for creating original software that allows us to maximize data, data transfer methods, and other IT functions, unparalleled by anyone else in our industry.

Jake possesses an incredibly diverse set of computer skills and that, coupled with his ability to immerse himself in the bigger picture, has made him not only a highly prized member of our team but also a leader in his specialized IT field.




Scott Clifford

Supervising Examiner

Scott is a Supervising Examiner, and works on some of Prosperident’s most challenging investigations.

Scott joined Prosperident after spending over a decade working in the dentistry field in both operations and management positions. Once Scott started working with us as an investigator, it quickly became apparent that his uncanny ability to predict how an embezzler will steal in a specific situation placed him at the very top of his field.

Scott possesses’ a unique ability to use and interpret the essential data that forms the foundation for our specialized brand of investigation. Scott has made his way up the ranks filling the positions of Investigator, Lead Investigator (Special Investigations Group), and Supervising Examiner.  Scott is an Associate Member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Scott’s combination of technical ability, knowledge of operations of dental practices, his genuine personality, and his impeccable mentoring skills have made him one of our greatest assets. Scott enjoys talking about embezzlement and investigation almost as much as he likes doing the examinations himself. Scott is also a proud member of “Dental Investigation’s First Family”, as both his wife Rose and their daughter Miki are valued team members at Prosperident.

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Wendy Askins

Supervising Examiner

Wendy is a Supervising Examiner at Prosperident, but she originally joined our team in 2012 as an Investigator, bringing with her over 25 years of experience in the dental industry. Her impressive resume includes managing and consulting with large group orthodontic practices and manufacturing companies, as well as an academic background that includes degrees in psychology and criminology and an MBA.

Wendy’s encyclopedic knowledge of orthodontic and oral surgery practices and her strong academic background make her incredibly successful in exposing complex theft modalities committed by both employees and, unfortunately, business partners. Wendy has specialized investigative capabilities which are unique to the business functions of the dental world and she possesses an uncommon perspective on these crimes, driven by her own first-hand experience to the multi-faceted devastation caused by embezzlement allowing her to personally connect with her clients.

Wendy is not only a Certified Fraud Examiner, but she is also an in-demand speaker and a member of Prosperident’s Speakers’ Bureau. She is highly engaging and possesses a gift for converting complicated, and sometimes frightening concepts into practical terms for day-to-day application in any dental practice. Wendy brings her tremendous knowledge of embezzlement to orthodontic, oral surgery and general dental audiences on an in-depth level that both educates and fascinates. She is a gifted speaker who never disappoints.

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Tony Ulbrandt

Supervising Examiner

Prior to joining Prosperident in 2016 as a Senior Fraud Examiner, Tony spent six years as a forensic accountant working with several major CPA and dental consulting firms. Tony’s experience and expertise include forensic investigation, valuation work, financial analysis, litigation support, and taxation.

His considerable talents were recognized when he was promoted to Supervising Examiner in 2018.  Tony is only the third examiner ever to hold that position at Prosperident.

As the Lead member of Prosperident’s Litigation Support Services Team, Tony investigates complex matters that are in both the litigation and pre-litigation stages. Tony is Prosperident’s acknowledged “data analysis wizard” who possesses phenomenal skill in analyzing complex spreadsheets and databases.

Tony is a Certified Fraud Examiner and he holds a Master’s degree in accounting.

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Deborah Long

Supervising Office Protection System Specialist

Deborah Tillman Long joined the team at Prosperident in 2017 as our Senior Office Protection System (OPS) Program Specialist.  She was promoted to Supervising OPS Specialist in January 2020.

Hailing from beautiful Tennessee, Debbie has spent the past 17 years of her professional life working in accounting and financial management, with her partner and husband, Dr. Troy Long.

Before joining Troy “in the family business” Debbie had positions as a Senior Financial Analyst with both a national CPA firm and  a major communications company. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Debbie’s academic studies combined with her experience in both the corporate sector and in private practice has gained her a reputation for possessing keen analytical and organizational skills as well as being a master of communication.

Debbie’s sharp eye for detail and tireless enthusiasm, not to mention work ethic, have made her a much-valued member of the Prosperident family.

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Pat Little

Senior Fraud Examiner

Dr. Pat Little is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Dentistry. After graduating, form VCU, Pat returned home to Georgia to begin his dental career in private practice and from there he went on to establish not one, but two successful practices starting each from “scratch.” Unfortunately, Pat had to discontinue practicing clinical dentistry due to disability.
Not being one to sit still, after making the decision to leave clinical practice, Pat decided to pursue his interest in practice management. Pat enrolled at Kennesaw State University and subsequently completed his education in accounting and general business with the goal of becoming a dental CPA. After working for a year with a dental CPA firm, Pat discovered he had a deep interest in the specialized area of fraud and embezzlement and so to pursue this interest, he left public accounting and joined Prosperident as a Senior Fraud Examiner. Pat has earned the Certified Fraud Examiner credential from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Through Prosperident, Pat conducts embezzlement examinations on behalf of dentists and advises them on matters related to fraud and embezzlement.

Pat is a member of Prosperident’s Speakers’ Bureau and is highly entertaining and popular speaker who has a knack for converting the complicated and sometimes scary facts about dental fraud and embezzlement into “plain English” for his presentation attendees.

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Luci Berardi

Senior Fraud Examiner

In her role as Senior Examiner, Luci is accustomed to looking for that elusive embezzlement in the financial records of a practice. She is both a Certified Fraud Examiner, which is the “gold standard” for fraud investigation, and a Certified Dentrix Trainer. Luci is one of those quietly competent people who make significant contributions at Prosperident.

Luci combines her fraud investigation work with her role as CFO and Practice Manager of a large Denver periodontal practice. She has been a Chapter President of the American Association of Dental Office Managers, and she is a published author. We are thrilled to have her with us as one of our highly valued team members.

Sonya Hudson

Senior Fraud Examiner

One of our longest-serving investigators, Senior Examiner Sonya Hudson conducts many of our Canadian investigations. Before joining Prosperident in 2014, Sonya worked for an insurance company and managed the support department of a major brand of practice management software.

Sonya is a Certified Fraud Examiner. In many ways she sets the standard for investigative work at Prosperident; her meticulous notes and highly organized workflow get a frequent mention when we are training new examiners.

Sonya is hyper-organized, highly intuitive, and she has earned a reputation for not only efficiency and accuracy in her investigations but also for writing beautiful, comprehensive reports.

We are proud to have Sonya as a member of our talented team of fraud examiners.

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Mindy Salzman

Senior Fraud Examiner

Mindy Salzman became a Prosperident team member in 2015 when she joined us as one of our Senior Fraud Examiners. Mindy is a native of Boston and a graduate of both Simmons College and Salem State College where she studied accounting, finance and business education.

Prior to beginning her career at Prosperident, Mindy worked as a Certified Dental/Medical Software trainer and consultant. Mindy’s passion for auditing, coupled with her Certified Fraud Examiner skills means she feels very at home when she dons her “investigator’s hat” and dives into an investigation!



David Starkman

Senior Fraud Examiner

Dr. David Starkman joined Prosperident in the spring of 2018 as a Fraud Examiner. He was promoted to Senior Examiner in September 2018.

He is a graduate of the New York University College of Dentistry and has been in private practice for over 30 years. David expanded his practice with a specialized interest in Dental Sleep Medicine in 2009. A native New Yorker, David was born in New York City and has resided in Albany for many years.

David’s interest in investigation stems from wanting to give back to fellow dentists as part of a professional team who perform a unique and valuable service to the dental community. David’s knowledge of how dental practices run from the inside out, coupled with his interest in investigation make him a tremendous asset to Prosperident. David is a member of both regional and federal dental organizations.


Rose Clifford

Senior Fraud Examiner


Rose Clifford joined Prosperident in September of 2015 as an Intermediate Analyst before being promoted to the position of Fraud Examiner in early 2018, and then most recently to Senior Examiner.

Before joining the team at Prosperident, Rose owned and operated a denture lab, for ten years where she worked as both the administrator and as a hands-on lab technician.

Originally from Tennessee, Rose now resides in California with her husband Scott and their daughter Miki, who are also highly prized members of the Prosperident team.

Rose feels a great deal of satisfaction from being able to help dentists through the worst times of their career, and she loves the intrigue and challenge of watching all of the pieces of the embezzlement puzzle come together. Rose is fascinated with the methodologies that embezzlers use, and she is a pro at uncovering new ways that embezzlers steal.

Rose excels at communication, and she is also a self-professed “Master” of Adobe pdf organization.

Kelly Paxton

Senior Fraud Examiner

Kelly is one of our Senior Fraud Examiners, who in addition to her investigation work with us is well known for her research on the subject of female embezzlers. Kelly has more than 13 years of law enforcement experience and has a particular interest in the phenomenon of “pink collar crime”.

Kelly started her career in law enforcement as a Special Agent for US Customs Office of Investigations in 1993. Kelly was recruited by US Customs for her expertise in finance and her work there focused on white-collar fraud, money laundering, and narcotics cases. Kelly also was responsible for her district’s undercover operations and the financial reporting of these operations. Kelly has testified at Grand Jury in the Western District of Washington and has been the affiant on numerous search and seizure warrants.

Prior to her law enforcement career, Kelly was a licensed stockbroker at Dean Witter and Piper Jaffray. She has also been a trader/contract negotiator at Morley Capital Management. Kelly started her finance career at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1985.

Kelly holds a Certified Fraud Examiner’s designation from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and is very active speaker both as a member of Prosperident’s Speakers’ Bureau and on her own. Kelly’s wealth of experience with financial crime enables her to enthrall dental audiences with her unique perspective and insights.

To learn more about Kelly check out her website at

Amber Weber

Senior Fraud Examiner

Amber Weber began working in the dental field as a dental hygienist in 2005.  Her accounting background and her interest in dentistry as a business resulted in her moving into office management roles, and ultimately consulting.  Even before joining Prosperident, she discovered embezzlement taking place at the office of one of her clients.

Amber joined Prosperident in 2018 as a Fraud Examiner.  In 2020, she was promoted to Senior Fraud Examiner.

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Jeanine McDonald

Jeanine McDonald

Fraud Examiner

Before joining the team at Prosperident, Dr. Jeanine McDonald practiced clinical dentistry for 23 years; with 13 of those years happily spent in private practice with her husband, where she took a managerial as well as a clinical role in their business.

Jeanine is a graduate of the University of the Pacific Dental School, the first dental school in the US, under the leadership principles of Jim Pride, to integrate a business curriculum into the dental school’s clinical curriculum.

During Jeanine’s time in private practice, she discovered a great passion for the business side of dentistry; recently she decided to reduce her patient contact hours to focus more time honing her business skills. Jeanine enjoys analyzing numbers and systems and has found that dental embezzlement investigation has been a rewarding way to integrate her knowledge of clinical science with her in-depth knowledge of business procedures in the field of dentistry.

Not one to sit idle, Jeanine also manages a dental continuing education company! In addition to her operational role there, she serves as one of the company’s facilitators to other dentists. Jeanine believes in “paying it forward” and enjoys a great deal of satisfaction from being able to help colleagues learn the necessary tools to better manage their dental practices.

Jeanine is a member of several dental organizations and has served in many leadership positions with those groups. She believes that this experience coupled with her years in private practice has helped to contribute to her exceptional organizational abilities, as well as to her ease and effectiveness when communicating with others.

Melinda Rutledge

Fraud Examiner

Prior to joining the Prosperident team, Melinda served in several roles in dental and medical practices for over 12 years. For the last 6 years, Melinda helped develop and grow a large dental billing organization. Melinda’s tenure in dentistry includes practice co-ownership which is where she discovered her passion for the business of dentistry. Melinda enjoys analyzing systems to improve efficiency and is passionate about helping her clients protect themselves from embezzlers.

Originally from Montana and after spending 12 years in Alaska, Melinda now resides in Idaho with her family.

Melinda is a Certified Professional Coder and Coding Instructor. She is also an associate member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Melinda loves to use her knowledge to advocate for providers and help offices find solutions to many of the issues that a growing practice faces.

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Christine Geary

Fraud Examiner

Prior to joining Prosperident, Christine worked in dentistry for over 30 years. Starting as a dental assistant while a student in high school, she soon took on administrative roles and quickly assumed the role of office manager.

Christine started a career with Henry Schein in 2004 as a Certified Software Trainer for Dentrix, Dentrix Enterprise, Image, and Easy Dental. She was named Dentrix Enterprise’s Software Trainer of the Year in 2012.

A lifelong learner, Christine is close to completing her BS in Accounting with a Forensic Accounting with a Fraud Examination concentration. She is also a student member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

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Hailey Irvine

Intermediate Analyst

Hailey is an Intermediate Analyst and assistant to our management team.  In this capacity, she assists our clients in gathering the information that we need in order to do our work, and she assists our team of investigators with data analysis.

Following her studies at Acadia University, Hailey has had 6 years’ experience in customer service and client accounts.

Hailey joined the Prosperident team full-time in March 2019 and is an integral point in the intake process. She is extremely friendly, open and organized, the perfect person to help introduce clients to our process.

When Hailey is not organizing the multitude of documents that we receive each day from our clients she is happiest curling up with a book or spending time outdoors with her husband and young son.

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Seamus Leonard

Data Acquisition Specialist

Seamus Leonard is a Data Acquisition Specialist.  He performs the vital work of obtaining practice management software and other computer data from clients and making it available to the fraud examiner assigned to a matter.

Prior to joining Prosperident, Seamus completed a business degree and worked in project management, application development and software training.

Seamus is a world traveler and adventurer.  He lists among his accomplishments a trek to the Mount Everest base camp.

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Miki Clifford

Intermediate Analyst

Miki is an Intermediate Analyst and our youngest team member, but she possesses genius-level intellect, and she performs a vital role here at Prosperident.

Fitting her work with us around her schooling, Miki assists our investigators by preparing and organizing the voluminous documentation we receive daily from clients. Miki’s efficiency and organizational skills do much to keep Prosperident’s investigations flowing.

Working as a Prosperident team member runs in Miki’s family; her father, Scott, is one of our most experienced examiners, and her mother, Rose, was recently promoted to Senior Examiner.

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