Florida’s Pamela Benjamin has multiple felony charges pending and >10 past convictions

Pamela Benjamin Mugshot 2023

Pamela Benjamin (date of birth Oct 18, 1966) of Spring Hill, Florida has multiple charges pending in Brevard County. We understand that until recently she was working in a local dental office. See the image below for some of the charges pending against Pamela.

Prosperident Senior Fraud Examiner Christine Geary recently completed an investigation that resulted in the arrest of Ms. Benjamin.

Christine Geary Prosperident

Information on her 2023 arrest and booking can be found HERE.

Pamela Benjamin’s Rap Sheet

In addition to her current legal entanglements, Pamela Benjamin has historical convictions for Grand Theft (2000, 2001 and 2021), Check Fraud (2008 and 2019), Battery (1999), Forgery (2000 and 2001), Fraud (1998) and numerous motor vehicle and other offenses.

Ms. Benjamin provides an excellent reminder of why a criminal records check is a vital part of pre-employment screening.

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Here is a picture from a 2008 arrest.

Pamela Benjamin