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Prosperident IT services for dentists

Do you need specialized Prosperident IT Services that your day-to-day IT company cannot provide? The in-depth knowledge and years of experience working with practice management software of Chief Technology Officer Jacob Hiltz and Prosperident’s IT team allow Prosperident IT Services to solve some vexing IT problems.

Some of the things our IT services can address are:

  • Password recovery and access to “locked” data if someone has locked you out of your practice management software
  • Recovery of deleted or destroyed data
  • Detection and removal of unauthorized remote access software from your system
  • Virus and other malware detection and removal
  • Generalized practice management software problem solving
  • Computer usage forensics – in-person or remote login information, browser usage history, etc.
  • Scan of your network for forensically relevant files

Prosperident It Services

If you want to find out whether our specialized Prosperident IT Services can solve an issue for you, click the button below to get in touch.


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